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AF FORM 910 Enlisted Performance Report


An AF Form 910 is a United States Air Force form is used for recording the performance of enlisted members over the course of their career in the Air Force.  The enlisted performance report is an annual evaluation used for every enlisted member.  

The first section of the AF form 910 is used for identifying the evaluated member and listing their basic information.

1. Boxes 1 through 6 are to be used for providing identifying and contact information of the evaluated enlisted member.  State the individual’s name, social security number, rank, grade, DAFSC, organization or command, and PAS information. 

2. Section II provides space for identifying the evaluated member’s job description and duties.  Identify the duty title in box 1 and provide a list of key responsibilities.  List all of them and provide a brief description if necessary. 

3. Section III is to be used for the actual evaluation of the enlisted member.  The format requires a grade from 1 to 5 for each evaluating question, with 1 being inadequate and 5 being superior. 

4. Provide a grade for each question in line 1, evaluating how well the enlisted member perform his or her assigned duties. 

5. Complete the AF Form 910 in the same format in line 1 through 7, providing a rank for each question in the box provided.

6. Once the evaluation is complete in section III, the supervisor of the evaluated member must provide a recommendation for promotion in section IV, which again is on a 1 to 5 scale.

7. The rating supervisor can provide any additional comments in section V and can attach any additional sheets if additional comments are necessary. 

8. The rating supervisor must then sign and affirm the AF Form 910, providing their information in section V.

9. If any additional supervising officers evaluated the subject individual, they may provide comments in section VI and sign the form at the bottom. 

10. Once completed, the AF From 910 should be filed through the chain of command, with a copy of the results kept in the evaluated enlisted member’s file.    

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