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Form DA 705 Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard


A DA Form 705 is the Army Physical Fitness Test scoring and evaluation form.  The DA Form 705 is used to calculate whether a soldier passes the Army’s physical fitness requirements.  

The DA Form 705 is available on the United States Army website or can be supplied by the U.S. Army personnel division administering the physical fitness test.  

The top box requires the basic soldier identification information who is taking the physical fitness test.  

1. The top box only requires the soldier’s name, gender, and unit.

2.  The same information must be supplied on any additional pages, if the soldier is completing the physical fitness test more than 4 times in their career.   

Each test has its own individual box, which must be fully completed before submission. 

3. The top line of boxes requires identification of the soldier at the date of the testing. You must include the grade and age of the soldier. 

4. Next, you must fill in the physical characteristics of the soldier, including height, weight and body fat.   

The next boxes record the scores of the soldier taking the physical fitness test.

5. A separate score must be kept for the push ups, sit-ups, two mile run, and alternative aerobic event.  

6. A raw score must be recorded as well as the points given for that score.  A standards chart is also provided with the DA Form 705 which provides the proper scoring for each physical fitness test.  Refer to this chart when filling out the points section for each test. 

Finally, the supervising officer must sign off on the tests and can provide any additional comments necessary for the DA Form 705. 

7. Once the physical fitness test is completed and properly recorded, copies must be kept by the officers conducting the tests as well as the soldier who has taken the physical fitness test.  

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