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Form DD 200 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss


A DD Form 200 is a Department of Defense form used for the investigation of financial liability from the loss of department of defense property.  Its primary purpose is to assess financial charges for lost, damaged, or destroyed equipment or items.  

The DD Form 200 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command.

The investigating official must first fill out the basic information of the investigation that the form will cover.

1. Boxes 1 and 2 must indicate the date the investigation is initiated as well as the investigation number.

Boxes 3 through 10 are to be used for providing information obtained about the property lost.

2. In the corresponding boxes, you must indicate the date of loss, the national stock number, a description of the property, quantity, and costs. 

3. Box 9 is to be used for a description of how the property was lost.  Most likely, you will need to attach a corresponding narrative to describe the circumstances of the loss in detail.

4. Box 10 is to be used for the actions that will be taken due to the loss.  Again, you will most likely need to further expand on the future action in a narrative attached to the DD Form 200.

The individual conducting the investigation is to provide their information in box 11 and certify the form with their signature. 

5. the responsible officer or reviewing authority must be identified in box 11, with the proper authorizing signature attached. 

The appointing and approving authority, if any, are to fill out boxes 13 and 14, providing any additional comments about the property loss.  

6. Additional sheets may be necessary for each of these authorities to provide reports of the event and future recommendations. 

Box 15 is for the financial liability officer to fill out. 

7. The financial liability officer will supply his or her report on the loss of property.  Included in this report will be their findings and recommendations, the estimated monetary loss, and liability to be incurred for the loss.

If an individual is charged with the loss, they must sign the DD Form 200 with an attached acceptance or objection to the findings.  

Once completed, the form should be filed with the proper accounting authorities, and a copy distributed to all parties involved.   


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