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Form PTO1594 Cover Sheet



Cover sheets need submitted for each document being recorded.  If there are trademarks and patents, separate cover sheets are needed along with attached pages.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 1”

Enter the names of all interested parties.  If there are multiple parties, check the “Yes” box and attach the additional information. 

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 2”

Enter the full name and address of the first party receiving interest.  Check the “Yes” box if there is more than one interested party.  If the receiving person is an individual person, check “other” and place the word “individual” on the next line along with their citizenship.  If the interested party is a legal entity or corporation, see the second page of the form.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 3”

In part 3, enter the date the document was executed.  List the name of the month along with a checkmark describing the document.  Check “other” if the receiving party is correcting a filed document. 

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 4”

Include the series code and serial number and/or the registration number for the application number.  The filing date is only necessary when the registration number is unknown.  If there are additional numbers, check “Yes” and attach the necessary pages.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 5”

In part 5, provide the name and full address of the person or entity receiving correspondence by mail.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 6”

In part 6, provide the total amount of applications and trademarks.  Make sure to include the applications and registrations listed on the cover sheet and all other documents.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 7”

A fee is needed for each application and registration.  Enter the total fee being enclosed in part 7.

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 8”

In part 8, provide the deposit account number along with the authorized user’s name. 

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 9”

The signature of the person submitting the document is needed along with the date the cover sheet was signed.  Include the total number of pages including the coversheet, attachments, and all other documents. 

“Recordation Form Cover Sheet PTO1594 Step 10”

Make sure to read the Privacy Statement on the third page very carefully. 


Download the PDF file .