Form DD 1149 Requisition and Invoice Shipping Document

Form DD 1149 Requisition and Invoice Shipping Document



A DD Form 1149 is a Department of Defense form used for requisition, invoice, and shipping of materials between shipping and receiving parties who are under the Department of Defense. 

The DD Form 1149 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command.

The first step in filling out this form is to identify the shipping address and the receiving address for which the materials will be transported between. 

1. Boxes 1 and 2 should be filled in with the entire shipping address of both the shipper and receiver, respectively. 

2. Box 3 can be used to specify who at the receiving address the package is intended for. For example, if the shipment is received at a military installation, you must specify the particular party receiving the item at that installation.

Box 4 is to be used for any appropriations for the shipping and the amount. 

Boxes 5 through 9 should be filled out providing the particular information about the requisition that is taking place.

3. Provide any dates, requisition numbers, priority, authority, or purposes regarding the shipment. 

For boxes 12 through 15, you must indicate the method of shipment and provide the necessary details to record how the materials were shipped. 

4. You must include the date shipped, mode of shipment, a bill of lading number, and the air freight or port designations. 

Next, you must provide an itemized list of all materials to be shipped in the requisition that is occurring. 

5. You must provide a stock number, description, coding, and units, and cost for each item to be shipped. 

6. If you need additional items to be listed, a supplemental page is provided that can be used for listing additional items.  All supplemental pages must be properly marked and attached to the front page of the DD Form 1149.

Boxes 16 and 17 can be used for supplying special handling instructions or charges.  

The bottom grid is to be filled out for the recapitulation of shipment.  

7. Provide the total amount of containers received, the types of containers, a description of each with a total weight. 

Once the DD Form 1149 is completed, the shipment can be made and the form will be signed and certified by the receiver.  Both shipper and receiver must keep a copy of the DD Form 1149.

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