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Form 300 OSHA


The OSHA Form 300, also referred to as the OSHA log of Work Related Injuries and Illnesses, is the required report that all employers must file with OSHA listing any injuries sustained by employees while on the job.  

In this case we are using the OSHA Form 300 available directly from the OSHA website.  

First you must obtain the log worksheet, provided by OSHA, and keep the log in each workplace location where you can easily list the work site injuries. Every work-site must have their own log.    

1. While the actual OSHA Form 300 is not posted for employee view, a yearly summary must be posted after the completion of the work year and visible for all employees.  

Once you have the necessary OSHA logs at each work-site, it must be updated upon every injury or illness which occurs at that work-site 

2. OSHA requires any injury or illness involving loss of consciousness, restricted work activity, or medical treatment beyond first aid. 

3. You must also record any injuries or illnesses which are diagnosed by a physician or health care professional.  

When the injury occurs, you must record a case number, the employee’s name, the employee’s job title, date of injury, where the injury occurred, and a brief description of the injury. 

4. You must separately identify the seriousness of the injury in the next box, indicating if death or time away from work was caused by the injury. 

5. You will next need to identify the type of injury in the last box on the right of the form.    

Once your log has been completed for the yearly period, you must complete the OSHA Form 300A, which summarizes the year’s log. 

6. This Form 300A must be filed even if no injuries occurred during the year.  

7. Form 300A must be posted in a workspace viewable by all employees once it is completed. 
Additional forms may need to be filed with OSHA in order to remain compliant with their injury recording regulations.  Check with OSHA for additional information.  

Download the PDF file .