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Voluntary Petition



People who wish to apply for any form of bankruptcy will be required to submit a Voluntary Petition. This document provides the bankruptcy court in your area with some basic information about your assets and claims. The document can be obtained online from the United States Courts system website or in person at your local bankruptcy court.


Voluntary Petition Step 1: List your full name, street and mailing addresses (if different), and the county where you live. Provide the last four digits of your Social Security number or Taxpayer Identification Number. If you are filing jointly with a spouse, they should provide all name and residence information as well.


Voluntary Petition Step 2: If you are filing for bankruptcy for a business whose assets are primarily held at an address other than those listed above, provide the address where indicated.


Voluntary Petition Step 3: Indicate whether you are a private individual filing singly or jointly or a business debtor.


Voluntary Petition Step 4: If a business debtor, check the box next to the one which describes the nature of your business.


Voluntary Petition Step 5: Indicate what chapter of bankruptcy you are filing for and whether your debts are largely consumer or business.


Voluntary Petition Step 6: Indicate whether paying the filing fee in full, or are requesting either an installment payment plan or a waiver of the fee.


Voluntary Petition Step 7: In the section marked "Statistical/Administrative Information," indicate whether you think funds will be available to pay unsecured creditors once bankruptcy has been completed. Estimate how many creditors you have, as well as your assets and liabilities.


Voluntary Petition Step 8: List all bankruptcy cases filed within the last 8 years, as well as any pending bankruptcy cases filed by a business partner, spouse or affiliate.


Voluntary Petition Step 9: Exhibit B must be completed by individuals with primarily consumer debts. Exhibit D must be completed by every individual debtor. Exhibit A is for those who must regularly file SEC reports. Exhibit C asks if you have property or assets which endanger public health.


Voluntary Petition Step 10: Indicate whether you have lived in the district you are filling in for 180 days, are associated with a pending bankruptcy case in the area, or are involved in a foreign matter based in this district.


Voluntary Petition Step 11: Sign and date the petition.


Download the PDF file .