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Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

The I-130 form, also known as the Petition for Alien Relative form, is the form used for sponsoring a spouse, parent, sibling, or child for alien residency in the United States.  The form can be obtained through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, either on their website or from a branch of their office.   In this case, we will be using the example provided by the USCIS website.
Once you have the I-130 form, you must read through all of the instructions before the form can be filled out. 
Do not make any marks in the top box.  This box is solely for use by the USCIS. 
In box A, you must identify your relationship to the person you are petitioning for and whether it is an adoptive relationship.
1. You must fill out a separate form I-130 for each relative you are petitioning for.  
Next, you must fill out the information about yourself in box B.
2. You must provide your name, your current address, date of birth, and your residency status, where you were born, 
3. Ensure that you provide all of the information that applies to you.  
4. In box C, you must provide the same information about your relative. 
Box C, on the second page., requires additional information about the relative you are petitioning for. 
5. In line 17, you must list your relative’s immediate family, naming their spouse and any children they have.  
In lines 18 and 19, you will need to state you’re relative’s intended place to stay as well as where they are currently residing. 
If your relative’s legal name uses letters other than Roman letters, you must write their name in their native language in line 20.  
In box D, you must provide the additional information needed if applicable to your petition for your relative.  
6. You must list any other relatives you are filing an I-130 petition for.  
7. You will also need to state if you have previously filled out an I-130 form for any other relative in the past.  
Once completed, you must certify the form I-130 with your signature.
8. If someone helped you fill out this form, they must certify their knowledge of the information.

Download the PDF file .