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Form SOS FORM 0001-10/9 Certificate of Incorporation

Form SOS FORM 0001-10/9 Certificate of Incorporation




Before filling out this form, check the availability of the proposed corporate name by calling the Secretary of State’s Office at (405) 521-3912.  You can reserve the name up to 60 days for $10 by submitting a name reservation application. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 1”

Provide the name of the corporation in section 1.  Make sure the name contains one of the following designations: association, company, corporation, club, foundation, fund, incorporated, institute, society, syndicate, limited, or an appropriate abbreviation.  Make sure all abbreviations are written in Roman characters or letters. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 2”

List the name and street address for the registered agent and registered office in Oklahoma in section 2.  The registered agent needs to maintain a business during the same business hours of the corporation in order to receive any process of service in the future. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 3”

Provide a date in section 3 if the duration of the corporation is any less than perpetual.  Otherwise, leave the line blank. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 4”

Provide purposes why the corporation is being formed in section 4. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 5”

Provide the number of common stock and preferred stock in section 5 along with the par value of each stock. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 6”

List the names and mailing addresses of the directors in section 6 if the powers of the incorporators are terminated after filing the Certificate. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 7”

In section 7, list the name and mailing address of all the incorporators.  If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet.  All of the incorporators need to sign the bottom of this form. 


“Certificate of Incorporation SOS Form 0001-10/9 Step 8”

The minimum filing fee is $50.00 plus $1.00 per every $1,000 on total authorized capital.  Make the check or money order payable to Oklahoma Secretary of State.  Then, mail the documents and filing fee to the following address:


Secretary of State

2300 N Lincoln Blvd., Room 101

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-4897


You can also deliver the documents in person at the Secretary of State’s office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. during the workweek. 

Download the PDF file .

Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation)

Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation)




Use these articles to establish a corporation in the state of Pennsylvania. You should type this form, but you can use black ink as well. 


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 1”

Check the appropriate space at the top of the form.  Then, provide a name and address for a return address. 


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 2”

Provide the proposed name in Article I.  Make sure the name has one of the following designations: corporation, incorporated, limited, company, or appropriate abbreviation. If forming a professional corporation, use the term “Professional Corporation” or “P.C.”


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 3”

List the street address for the corporation’s registered office in Article 2a.  List the name of the commercial registered office provider and the county in Article 2b. 


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 4”

Enter the total number of authorized shares in Article 4.  In the next section, make a list of the names and street addresses of the incorporators.  If more space is needed, attach a separate sheet. 


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 5”

If the incorporators want to delay the effective date for opening business, provide a specific date in Article 6. If any other provisions are necessary, attach a separate sheet with the corresponding Articles.


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 6”

If you’re forming a cooperative corporation, complete Article 9.  Strike out the term that doesn’t apply and provide the common bond of membership on the line provided. 


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 7”

The incorporators need to sign the bottom of this form.  You should then file the following forms with this document:

· necessary governmental approvals

· necessary copies of form DSCB:17.2.3 (Consent to Appropriation of Name)

· one copy of completed form DSCB:15-134A (Docketing Statement)


“Articles of Incorporation (Profit Corporation) Step 8”

The filing fee for this form is $125.  Make the check payable to Department of State.  Attach of the documents and send the completed forms to the following address:


Department of State

Corporation Bureau

P.O. Box 8722

Harrisburg, PA 787-1057

Download the PDF file .