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Form CC-1463 Authorization for Partial or Full Release of Judgement Lien


A lien release form is a claim of property the original owner in order to satisfy a debt. Most commonly lien release forms are used by a contractors, subcontractors, or other similar construction service providers to inform a court that they have received payment for their services and no longer have a lien right to the property of the debtor.  These liens are often called a “mechanics lien” and are a standard process throughout the United States. 

1. You must access a lien release form from the court in which your lien is filed. They can either be found at the court or by using the court’s website  

In this case, we will use the Virginia lien release form available on the Virginia state court website. 
You will need to have ready the proper information regarding your lien.  

2. You will need to identify the case name and the court in which the lien was filed.  Fill in the form boxes 1 through 3.  

3. This information should be located on the lien documents you received when you filed the lien.  

Next you will have to gather the various identification information for your lien. Such information may be found on your lien documents.  If you cannot locate this information, you should contact the court clerk in which your lien was handled. 

4. In box 4, you must write the docket number, page, book, and instrument in which your lien has been recorded. 

5. Next you will need to identify the judgment amount, judgment date, judgment creditors and debtors in boxes 5 to 8.  

6. In box 9, you must inform the court of how much of the value of the lien you are releasing.  You can choose to release the entire lien or specify the value of the lien you wish to release.  

Your lien release form must then be certified by a notary public or by a clerk of the court. 

7. After completing the form, you must file the form with the court in which your lien is recorded.  You may be required to pay a filing fee for submitting your lien release form.  

Download the PDF file .