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Form FM-064 Petition for Emancipation

Form FM-064 Petition for Emancipation



According to §3506-A of the Maine Revised Statutes, a juvenile who is 16 years of age or older and refused to live in his or her parent’s, guardian’s, or custodian’s home may file a petition with the District Court in the division the parents, guardian or custodian resides.   

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 1”

On the first line, fill in your full legal name along with your age, where you were born and your date of birth. 

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 2”

On the second line, check whether you are a male or female.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 3”

On the third line, check where you currently reside, even if you are still living with your parents.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 4”

On the fourth and fifth lines, state the name of your mother and father and where they currently live.  If they are deceased, leave the lines blank and fill in line six.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 5”

If you have a guardian, state their name and address on the sixth line of the petition.  If you do not have a guardian and your parents still have legal custody, leave the sixth line blank.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 6”

State the person(s) who owned the home you were living in on line seven and provide reasons why you refuse to live there any longer.  If you need more room than the space provided, check the “See attached” box.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 7”

The eighth paragraph states that you can provide reasonable provisions for room, board, healthcare, and education because of proper employment.  If you have sources such as teachers and employers to verify your maturity and financial stability, list their names under the paragraph.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 8”

 Sign and date the form and provide your current address. 

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 9”

Section three of §3506-A states that the court may require mediation so an agreement can be reached without a trial.  If an agreement is not reached in mediation, the court will notify all parties involved of the date of hearing, the consequences of the emancipation, and each party’s right to counsel.

“Petition for Emancipation FM-064 Step 10”

The emancipation is made public unless any party involved wants the matter to stay private.

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