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Form DA 4187 Personnel Action


A DA Form 4187 is the United States Army’s form for requesting a personnel action. This form can be used for numerous personnel actions, so it is recommended that you have available as much information about your specific action before completing the form. 

The DA Form 4187 is available on the United States Army website or can be supplied by the U.S. Army personnel division administering the physical fitness test.  

Section I requires the basic soldier identification information who is requesting the personnel action.

1. You must identify the solider with their name, rank, and social security number.  

If the soldier is having a change of duty, then Section II must be filled out.

2. You must supply the soldier’s former duty, new duty, and the effective date and time the change and duty will take place.

If a different personnel action request is being made, then it must be checked off in Section III.  

3. You can request more than one personnel action on a single DA Form 4178. 

4. Check the appropriate personnel action for which you are requesting.  If your request does not appear as an option, you will need to write the request in the “other” column and give a description.

5. Sign and date Section III.

In Section IV, you may provide any remarks regarding your request. 

6. In drafting your remarks, it is important that you provide a reason for the request and supply as much information as will be helpful for the deciding department of officer who will make the decision. 

Finally, in Section V, your request must supply a certification and also have a recommendation from a commanding officer or authorized representative. 

7. The authorized representative can either provide verification, a recommendation, or approval regarding the soldier’s request.  

8. The authorized representative then must sign the DA Form 4178 before the form can be sent to the appropriate agency or department.  

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