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Form G-325 A Biographic Data Sheet


A G-325a Form is used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the collection of biographical information for foreign nationals seeking entrance in the United States.  It is used in conjunction with the I-130 visa petition. 

In this case, we are using the G-325a Form provided by the Department of Homeland Security.   Examples of the form can be found online or directly from a Department of Homeland Security office..    

The first step in completing the form is to provide your basic information in the first few boxes.

1. Provide your name, gender, date of birth, and nationality in the first line of boxes. 

2. In the second line, put your alias names, city and country of birth, and your social security number, if one has been issued to you. 

3. The third line of boxes requires that you identify your mother and father, including their date, city, and country of birth, and their current residence. 

4. The fourth line requires you to identify your current spouse if any.  If you have a spouse, you must provide their name and information in the corresponding boxes.  

5. Name any former spouses and provide their information in the fifth line of boxes.

6. In the next box, you must document all of your past residences in the past 5 years.  Provide the address, city, state, country, and time of residence.  If you need additional space, you can use a supplemental sheet attached to your F-325a Form.

7. If you resided outside of the U.S. for more than a year, you must indicate the last address which you spent more than a year outside of the United States.  

8. In the next box, write down all of your previous employment for the past five years.  State your occupation, employer, and time spent in that position. 

9. Indicate what process you are supplementing with this G-325a Form, indicating naturalization, permanent resident status, or other.  Sign the completed form.

10.  At the end of the G-325a Form, provide your last name, first name, middle name, and alien registration number. 

11. Submit the form to supplement you I-130 Form and keep a copy for your records.  

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Form I-693 Medical Examination and Vaccination Report


The Form I-693, known as the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Report, is typically required for all applicants filing for an adjustment of status to that of a lawful permanent resident. Form I-693 is used to report the result of a medical examination to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services; the examination is required by the United States Federal Government to establish that an applicant is not inadmissible to the country on public health grounds. A full list of medical conditions or health grounds that would impede an individual from receiving permanent residence can be found in section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Once your medical examination is completed, the coordinating civil surgeon is required by law to give you, the applicant, the completed Form I-693 in a sealed envelope. Be sure to not accept the form if the envelope is not sealed. It is important to note that you, the applicant and not the civil surgeon, is required to submit the form to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you are applying for an adjustment of status you must submit the Form I-693 with your Form I-485 (the application to register for permanent residence or adjust status, as noted in the instructions on the Form I-485.

The form consists of six pages and the majority of the information will be filed by the doctor or medical professional who initiated your medical examination. Do not tamper with the submitted information that the doctor supplies to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The information entered is directly related to your medical examination; the doctor will submit his findings from the examination in accordance to the application’s inquiries. When you receive the envelope print and sign your name on page 7 and include it with your submitted documentation for a permanent residency or adjustment of status application.

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Form I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card



Resident permanent aliens are required to have a green card certifying their status. This card expires every 10 years and must be renewed. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) division of the Department of Homeland Security processes requests for replacements of expired or missing cards or who otherwise requires replacement of an existing document. This form is not for the use of those in the United States on a conditional basis to extend their status. The document can be obtained from the USCIS website.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 1: Indicate whether you are a permanent resident, a permanent resident with "commuter" status, or a "conditional permanent resident" seeking a replacement of that residency card.

Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 2: Indicate the reason you are seeking a replacement of your card next to the appropriate. Theft of the card, its imminent expiration within six months and other applicable reasons are listed.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 3: Under "Processing Information," list your parents' names, the city and embassy or USCIS office where your visa was submitted and approved, and whether you have ever been ordered to be removed from the United States. If you indicate that you have ever faced legal problems in the United States, a page is included with the form for you to provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances. If you first entered the country as an immigrant, indicate where and when you were admitted.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 4: If you are requesting accommodation for disability, indicate the type of disability and assistance you need. For example, those unable to travel because of medical care may be visited by a USCIS official to help them complete the applicable forms.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 5: Sign and date the form. Include your daytime telephone number.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 6: If you are preparing the form on behalf of another person, sign and date the form below them. Attorneys or formal legal representatives must include a completed form G-28 along with this application.


Application To Replace Permanent Resident Card Step 7: Submit the form either in paper form or via email to USCIS at the address indicated in their instructions.

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Form G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance an Attorney or Representative


The purpose of the Form G-28, titled the Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative, is to provide notice that an attorney or accredited rep of a religious, charitable, social service or similar organization will appear before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of an applicant involved in a matter before the Government Agency.

The Form G-28 consists of 3 pages and does not contain a filing fee. The G-28 form is to be only used by attorneys; those attorneys admitted to the practice of law in counties other than the United States must use Form G-28I and may only represent individuals in matters filed in DHS offices outside the confines of the United States. 

Part 1 of the G-28 form, labeled the Notice of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative, will require the filer to check one block to indicate the DHS agency where the matter is filed. If the appropriate agency is the USCIS, list the form numbers filed with form G-28; if the agency is the CBP or ICE, list the specific matter in which the appearance is entered.

After you have designated the appropriate agency, you must fill in all information, including the mailing address of the applicant, the petitioner or the respondent is required in this section of the form. Note, this information is not required if filed under the Violence against Women Act. The applicant, respondent or petitioner must sign the form, in dark blue or black ink.

Part 2 of the G-28 Form, titled Information About Attorney or Accredited Representative, will require the applicant to check the box and fill in required information regarding the State bar of admission. If you are subject to any order or any court suspending, you must disclose this information on Form G-28. Additionally, you must check the box and fill in the name of the organization recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals in this section. When all information is satisfied, print and sign your name under part 3 of the form, titled Name and Signature of Attorney or Accredited Representative. 

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Form SS-5 Application for Social Security Card



A Form SS-5 is a Social Security form is used for the application of a social security card.  The form should be used by people who have never had a social security card or who have lost or damaged their social security card.  

The Form SS-5 is available through the social security administration, either through their website or by contacting a local branch office of the Social Security Administration.  

The application for a new social security card is a one page form which must be completed.  However, if you are applying for your first social security card, you must submit documentation to prove citizenship and age through birth certificates, driver’s license, identity card, or a U.S. Passport. 

1. Fill out box 1, providing your full name to appear on the card, your name given at birth, and any other names you have used.

2. If you have previously had a social security number assigned to you, provide it in box 2. 

3. In boxes 3 and 4, provide your place and date of birth, using the MM/DD/YYYY format.

4. State your citizenship in box 5.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, please note you must follow additional instructions found through the Social Security Administration. 

5. Provide your ethnicity, race, and gender in boxes 6 through 8.

6. You must provide your parent’s names and their social security numbers.  You can check unknown, however this may require additional documentation to prove your citizenship, so try your best to locate their social security numbers. 

7. Choose whether you have previously applied for a social security card in box 11.  If yes, you must answer the additional questions in boxes 12 and 13. 

8. Provide the date and your contact information in the next boxes.  

9. You may now sign the Form SS-5.  Indicate if you filled out the form on behalf of another and check your relationship in box 18. 

10. You Form SS-5 is now ready for submission to the Social Security Administration.  

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Form DS-2019 Application for the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor(J-1) Status


1. The Form DS-2019, known as the Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status” is the primary document used in the administration of the exchange visitor program. The Form DS-2019 permits a prospective exchange visitor to seek an interview at a United States’ embassy or consulate; these interviews are mandatory to obtain a J visa and subsequently enter the United States. 

2. The Form DS-2019 will identify the exchange visitor and their designed sponsor. In addition the Form DS-2019 will provide a brief description of the exchange visitor’s program, including the start and end date, the category of exchange, and an estimate of the total cost of the exchange program. 

3. The DS-2019 form begins with basic questions which will ask for your full name, your gender, and your place of birth. The next sections of the Form DS-2019 will ask questions concerning your country of citizenship; the form requires you to offer your country of legal permanent residency and for the position in that respective country. This question simply means that you must list your profession, such as a professor, a graduate student or a government researcher. 

4. After you have satisfied the aforementioned information you must satisfy questions concerning your address outside of the United States and your current address within the U.S. if such information applies. 

5. The next section of the DS-2019 form will ask you questions concerning the purpose of your request for the E-1 Visa. This section offers two check boxes or bubbles where you will select either “I am beginning a new program accompanied by immediate family members” or “I am transferring from another institution or school’s J-1 Program.”

6. After you have inputted your reason for request you will list the coordinating program dates and the appropriate category for which you’re requested J-1 Visa falls under. Along with this information you must write a brief description concerning your activity. The next questions will require you to submit the appropriate subject or field code, the location where your activity will be accomplished, who is offering your financial support and the amount of financial support you are receiving. 

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