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Form MO-PTS Property Tax Credit






Missouri residents who are 65 or older, disabled, veterans disabled as the result of military service or surviving spouses 60 years or older receiving benefits can file a form MO-PTS to seek a property tax credit. This form is filed with your MO-1040 or MO-1040P state tax return. The document is on the website of Missouri's Department of Revenue.


Missouri Property Tax Credit MO-PTS Step 1: Enter your full name, birthdate and Social Security number. If filing jointly, give the same information for your spouse. Indicate with a check mark which of the four categories qualifying for a credit applies to you. Attach the document required to verify your status.


Missouri Property Tax Credit MO-PTS Step 2: On line 1, transfer your income from form 1040 line 6 or form 1040-P line 4.On line 2, enter nontaxable Social Security benefits you and any minor children received prior to deductions, as well any equivalent railroad retirement benefits. Attach copies of your form SSA-1099 and RRB-1099. On line 3, enter all pensions, annuities, dividends, interest and other income not listed on line 2. Attach all tax forms documenting these. On line 4, enter all railroad retirement benefits prior to deductions not included on line 2. Attach form RRB-1099-R (Tier II). 


Missouri Property Tax Credit MO-PTS Step 3: On line 5, enter the amount of veteran's benefits received prior to deductions. Attach a letter documenting your status from the Department of Veterans Affairs. On line 6, enter the total of all public benefits you and dependants receive. Attach a copy of Forms SSA-1099, a letter from the Social Security Administration and Social Services documenting benefits, and a copy of your Employment Security 1099 if applicable.


Missouri Property Tax Credit MO-PTS Step 4: On line 7, enter nonbusiness losses. Add lines 1 through 7 and enter the total on line 8. Check the appropriate box on line 9, and subtract this amount from line 8 on line 10. If the total is greater than the limits listed, you do not qualify for this credit.


Missouri Property Tax Credit MO-PTS Step 5: Lines 11 through 13 concern property payments and rent. Apply these to the chart in the instructions for forms 1040/1040-P to determine your property tax credit on line 14. Those who rent must complete the Certificate for Rent Paid on the second page.

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