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Form DA 7566 Composite Risk Management Worksheet


A DA Form 7566 is a United States Army form used to record the composite risk management worksheet.  It is used for documenting all on duty and off duty risks that arise during any scheduled events, whether involving military training or non-training exercises. 

The DA Form 7566 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The first boxes require the general information about the event.

1. Ensure that you include the type of event or task in box 1, followed by the time of the event in boxes 2 and 3, then putting the date you are preparing the DA Form 7566. 

2. In box 4, you must put your name, followed by your rank and position.  

Box 5 begins the spaces provided for naming the subtasks of the event, followed by the boxes used for risk assessment. 

3. You must include in box 6 the hazards faced by the event, followed by the level of risk, controls, and supervision plans that will be implemented during the event.  

4. In box 12, you must make a determination if the controls and supervision were adequate and effective in suppressing the hazards.

5. Should there be more than 6 sub tasks for your event, more space is provided on a second page, which can serve as an addendum for additional tasks of the event. 

Once the risks are assessed, box 13 requires you to provide the overall risk level of the tasks after the controls have been put in place. 

6. You may indicate the task has risk levels of low, moderate, high, or extreme. 

Finally, the risk decision authority must sign off on the DA Form 7566 before it can be recorded and kept in the proper recording place.  

Download the PDF file .