Form EXT Extension Payment Worksheet

Form EXT Extension Payment Worksheet





You can use this form to ask for an extension on your Montana income tax return for 2012.  However, you’ll only be approved for the extension up to 6 months if you paid all of your 2010 Montana income tax liability or at least 90% of your 2011 income tax liability with estimated tax payments, withheld tax, or both. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 1”

Provide your first name, middle initial, last name and social security number on the top of this form.  If you’re married, provide your spouse’s information as well. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 2”

Provide all of your 2010 tax liability on line 1 as indicated on line 54 of Form 2, line 47 of Form 2M, or line 15 of Form 2EZ. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 3”

Provide all of your tax liability from 2011 on line 2 by referencing the same likes listed above, only for 2011.  If you can’t calculate the 2011 tax liability, enter the amount from line 1 to line 4.  If you can calculate line 2, multiply the figure by 90% on line 3.  Then, enter the smaller amount between line 1 and 3. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 4”

On line 5, list the total amount (if any) of 2011 withheld income tax and/or mineral royalty tax as reported on your 1099 and W-2 forms.  


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 5”

Indicate the total amount of your 2011 tax payments on line 6.  If there was overpayment in 2010, add the amount credited in 2011 as well. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 6”

Provide the total refundable credits in 2011 on line 7.  Then, add lines 5, 6, and 7 to calculate your payments and offsets on line 8.  If line 8 is more than line 4, enter -0- on line 9.  If line 8 is less than line 4, you owe this amount by April 17, 2012. 


“Extension Payment Worksheet EXT Step 7”

Make sure you complete the Montana Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher as well.  Provide your name, telephone number, social security number, and the amount paid.  You can pay online at or you can send a check, money order, or cashier’s check to the following address:


Montana Department of Revenue

PO Box 6309

Helena, MT 59604-6309

Download the PDF file .




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