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Form DA 2404 Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet


A DA Form 2404 is a United States Army form used to record the inspection and maintenance of equipment.  The worksheet is used primarily along with a corresponding technical manual for the piece of equipment that is being worked on. 

The DA Form 2404 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

Box 1 must be filled in, identifying the organization working on the piece of equipment.

Boxes 2 through 6 identify the equipment that will be inspected or worked on. 

1. Ensure that you supply the nomenclature and model of the equipment in box 2. 

2. Identify the operating information pertinent to the equipment.  You must include any mileage, hours, hot starts, or other measuring tool of the equipment.  

Once all of the equipment identifiers have been recorded, you must move on to box 7.

3. Under box 7, you must identify the technical manual that is to be used in the inspection and maintenance. 

4. Identify all technical manuals to be used.  If more than two manuals are being used, refer to them in an addendum sheet that can be attached at the end of the DA Form 2404.

In Box 8, the maintenance provider or inspector must certify the form by signing and dating.  

5. Additionally, the amount of service time must be recorded in Box 10.

The rest of the worksheet is devoted to listing and identifying the items inspected and the maintenance records.

6. List each item number and their status individually in boxes a and b.  

7. If there are any problems with the equipment, they must be identified in column c, which is titled deficiencies and shortcomings. 

8. If any corrective actions are needed, they should be listed in column d. 

9. Once addressed, each item must be signed off with the initials of the maintenance personnel in column e.

After completion of the DA Form 2404, the record should be kept with the equipment for further reference in future maintenance events.  

10. The maintenance group should also keep a copy, to keep an active record of all inspections and maintenance performed on equipment.  

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