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Form 151 Power of Attorney




If you wish to appoint a person, firm or organization to handle any or all of your tax matters, you will need to fill out a Michigan Power of Attorney Form 151. This document can be obtained from the website of the government of Michigan.


Power of Attorney Form 151 Step 1: Enter your name, address, Social Security number and contact information under Part 1. Include your spouse's name if filing jointly. Businesses should include their company's name. Those filing regarding business taxes should include their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), Treasury Number (TR) or Michigan Establishment (ME) number.


Power of Attorney Form 151 Step 2: Enter the name of the person, firm or organization you are granting power of attorney, along with all contact information under Part 2. If this power is being granted to someone other than an individual, you must include a contact name, along with their phone and fax numbers and email address. If you do not enter a start and end date for these representatives, the contract will take effect from the date of signing until you revoke it.


Power of Attorney Form 151 Step 3: If you wish for this authorization to join others already on file with the Michigan Department of Treasury, skip Part 3. If you wish for this form to replace all previously filed authorizations, check the box next to this statement. If you are filing this form to nullify all previous authorizations and represent yourself, check the box next to this statement.


Power of Attorney Form 151 Step 4: In Part 4, you can grant complete authority to a representative to sign tax returns, enter into agreements with the Treasury Department on your behalf, present arguments on your behalf and receive confidential financial information. This unlimited option concerning all years and all forms can be granted by checking the box next to "B" and initialing. Otherwise, you may choose one or more of these powers by placing checkmarks to the appropriate ones above. You may list specific tax forms, years, and types of taxes to further specify the limits of a representative's authority.


Power of Attorney Form 151 Step 5: Print and sign your name, along with the date. Mail it to the appropriate address listed at the bottom of the second page.

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