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Form K-40H Homestead Claim



Kansas residents whose total household income was less than $25,000 for the preceding year may file a homestead claim for a refund of a portion of their property taxes paid if they were born prior to 1947, were blind or totally disabled from 2002 onwards, or have a dependant child that lives with them who was born before 2002 and was under the age of 18 in that year. This form can also be filed by another person on behalf of the property of a deceased person. This form can be found on the website of the Kansas Department of Revenue. 


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 1: At the top of the form, enter the Social Security number of the claimant, their telephone number, and the first four letters of their last name in capital letters.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 2: Mark the box on the right if you are filing this form on behalf of a deceased person and give their date of death.  Mark the box below this if the name or address of the property has changed since you last filed this form. Mark the box below this if you are filing an amended claim.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 3: Give the name and address of the claimant.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 4: Questions one through three concern your qualifications for this refund. Only answer the question which applies to you. Question one concerns those who were 55 or older the entire year. Question two concerns the disabled or blind. Question three concerns those with dependents who live with them.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 5: Question four asks for the sum of your wages or your Kansas gross adjusted income plus your federal earned income credits. Questions five through nine require to document all other sources of income. Total these in response to question ten.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 6: Enter total property taxes paid in response to question eleven, all rent paid if applicable in response to question twelve and the total in response to question 13. All rent must be documented with a schedule RNT.


Kansas Homestead Claim K-40H Step 7: Perform the calculations in response to questions 14 and 15 as instructed to determine your refund due. Sign and date the form. Completing the second page is optional.

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