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Form DA 2823 Sworn Statement


A DA Form 2823 is a United States Army form for a sworn statement used for a variety of purposes. Sworn statements may be taken in documenting informal events or recording evidence for a formal investigation. The information taken on this form can be provided to non-military law enforcement agencies.  

The DA Form 2823 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The army personnel filing this form must first put the general information surrounding the investigation. 

1. The location, date, time, and file number must be placed in boxes 1 through 4 in order to properly file the form and to ensure that it is properly documented under Army regulations. 

Boxes 5 through 8 are used to identify the party that is giving the sworn statement.  

2. The party giving the statement must provide on the document their name, social security number, their rank, and contact information.  

Once this basic identifying information has been provided, the party giving the statement must write their name in box 9.

3. By putting their name in box 9, the party is swearing under oath that the statement is accurate and truthful.  Failure to provide truthful information can lead to disciplinary action taken.

Box 9 should be filled out using the words of the declaring party.

4. Box 9 can be written by the swearing party or it can be written word for word by another party taking the statement.  

5. It is highly important that the statement is neatly written so as to be understood by any other parties that may use the statement. 

6. Should the statement not fit on the pages provided, the second page is available.  If the provided pages do not support enough space, copies of the second page can be used as additional pages.  

7. These additional pages must be identified and initialed by the party giving the statement. 

Once the statement has been recorded and all signatures and initials placed in the proper boxes, the person making the statement must provide the affidavit on the final page of the DA Form 2823.

8. Witnesses must be present during the statement and must sign off on the affidavit.

9. Likewise, the party taking the statement must sign off on the DA Form 2823

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Form VA 21-4142 Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs

A VA Form 21-4142 is a United States Department of Veteran Affairs form used to authorize and provide consent for the release of medical information to the VA.  This form must be on file before Veterans Affairs can review any medical or disability claims.  
The VA Form 21-4142 is available on the Veterans Affairs documentation website or can be supplied through a local Veterans Affairs office.  
The first Section is used for general identification information  
1. Boxes 1, 2 and 4 are to be filled out with the veteran's name, file number, and social security number.  These boxes must be filled in.
2. If a claimant other than the veteran is seeking benefits on behalf of the veteran, they must provide their name, relationship, and social security number in boxes 3, 5, and 6. 
In Section II, you must identify all sources of medical information for which you are allowing Veterans Affairs to have.  
3. You must include the name and addresses of all offices for which your medical or disability claim involves.  You must also include the dates and conditions or illnesses for which you were treated. 
4. In box 8, provide any additional comments about your consent that will be helpful for Veterans Affairs to seek your medical history and to view them.  
Section III provides all of the important privacy information that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be held. 
5. Read all of the information and check the authorization box in box 9c.  
In box 10, the veteran, the claimant, or a legal representative must certify with their signature their consent of the Va Form 21-4142.  
6. Provide your contact information including address and phone numbers.  This is important as Veterans Affairs may need to contact you in regards to this form and to further obtain your consent for additional information they need for processing your claims. 
In box 11, it is important that you have a witness sign and date the form.  While this is not necessary for all medical records, Veterans Affairs may need a witness statement when seeking some of your records.  
Once completed, your VA Form 21-4142 is ready for submission to Veterans Affairs.  Keep a copy on record, as you may need to submit additional consent forms if you make additional claims.  

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Form DA 3161 Request for Issue or Turn-in


A DA Form 3161 is a United States Army form for a request for issue or turn in. The form is used for detailing supplies that are to be turned in or are being issued to a certain party.  

The DA Form 3161 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The party who is filing the DA Form 3161 must first identify whether the sheet is being used to report a turn in or an issue. 

1. Check the appropriate box that corresponds to the use of this form. 

Next you must supply all of the general information surrounding the request.

2. You must identify the request number and voucher number in boxes 1 and 2.

3. Boxes 3 through 9 will identify who the materials are being sent to, the date they are required, priority and authorizations, and all identifying information about the items to be issued or turned in.

Next, box 12 must be completed, which verifies all of the specific information about the items to be disbursed or turned in.

4. You must provide Item numbers, stock numbers, descriptions, quantities, codes, prices and cost for each individual item that is to be covered by your DA Form 3161.  

5. All of the numbered quantities and costs must be added and totaled at the bottom of box 12.  

Finally, the DA Form 3161 must be signed by the authorizing party, with all supply chain officers involved signing off on the issuance or turn in of the named supplies in the form.  

6. A copy of the form should be kept for record keeping purposes, in order to assure that all items are accounted for and properly issued through the supply chain.  

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DD Form 577 Appointment Termination Record


A DD Form 577 is a Department of Defense form is used for recording appointments and terminations of an officer in military or governmental functions.  The form is used to identify and inform the officer of the appointment or the elimination of the appointment. 

The DD Form 577 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The first section of the DD Form 577 is to be filled out by the appointing authority.

1. The appointing authority must state the appointing official’s name and title in boxes 1 and 2. 

2. In box 3, the appointing authority will identify itself with their Department of Defense component or organization name. 

3. The appointing official will sign and date the form in boxes 4 and 5. 

4. In section II, the appointing authority will identify the individual being appointed and provide their information, taken from Department of Defense records. 

5. Boxes 6 through 11 must contain the name and contact information of the appointed officer.  Their name, social security number, organization, title, address and telephone number should be filled in the appropriate boxes.

6. The appointing authority will indicate the date of appointment in box 12.

7. In boxes 13 and 14, the appointing authority will describe the position and the duties that will come with the appointment. 

8. After sections I and II are filled out by the appointing authority, the DD Form 577 is to be given to the appointed official, who must acknowledge the appointment, signing boxes 16 and 17. 

9. If or when the appointment terminates, the appointing authority can use the filed DD Form 577 and fill in the termination information in Section IV, revoking the appointment.  Once revoked, the completed form must be provided to the appointed official to inform him or her of the termination of appointment.  

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Form DA 1594 Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officers Log


A DA Form 1594 is a United States Army form used to record the daily activities of a military member, recording information about daily training, operational reviews, and historical research.  

The DA Form 1594 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The first boxes that must be filled in are the upper right corner boxes indicating Page Number and Number of Pages.  

1. Indicate Page Number 1 for the first sheet, but leave Number of Pages blank until the journal entry is completed. 

Next, you will fill out your organization and location for which the journal entry is to be made.  

In the boxes on the right, indicate the time period for which your journal entry is covering.  

2. Journals are normally used to cover a 24 hour period, however you may use shorter or longer durations depending on the custom of your position and organization.

After the general information is supplied on the top section, you are ready to fill in the grid recording the information for your journal entry. 

3. List the entries on the left side, providing a numerical value for each entry. 

4. Indicate the time period for each specific entry.  

The next box is to be used for indicating the event of the specific entry.

5. Specific events can be a wide range of topics, including incidents, messages, orders, or a host of other events that may have occurred throughout the day.

Next you will supply the action taken in response to the event that occurred in your entry.  

6. Your entries should be brief so as to fit in the appropriate boxes.  

7. Should your entries require additional space, you may use additional boxes or attach an addendum to the sheet to clarify the events.  

Once the sheet is completed, each DA Form 1594 must be certified in the bottom boxes, with the name and rank of the officer and their signature.   

8. Keep all DA Form 1594s in a safe place for recording and future reference.  

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Form DA 638 Recommendation for Award


A DA Form 638 is a United States Army form for the recommendation for an award. The form is used for most recommendations for awards, but not for heroism, valor, or wartime awards, which must use a separate process for recommendation. 

The DA Form 638 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The party who is filing the DA Form 638 must first identify in boxes 1 through 3 the military member who would receive the award, the recommending military member, their contact information, and the date.  

Part I then requires specific information regarding the individual to receive the award. 

1. In boxes 4 through 13, supply all information required, including name, contact information, branch, previous awards, awards recommended, and the reason for the award. 

Next you must supply the specific information regarding the recommending individual. 

2. Boxes 14 through 19 require the recommender’s general information and relationship to the awardee.  

Part III of the DA Form 638 requires a detailed explanation of the achievements which have lead to this particular recommendation for an award. 

3. Make sure to provide a detailed account in bullet form of any achievements which warrants the award.  This will be used as an evaluation by the authorizing party to determine if the award should be given. 

Part IV requires the documentation of all the approval through the chain of command that must be given in order for the recommendation of an award to be completed. 

4. All certifying members through the chain of command must provide their information and sign off on the award to be given. 

5. If additional personnel are required to approve the award, they can be listed on the addendum provided in the DA Form 638 as needed.  

Once all members of the chain of command needed to approve the award have signed off on this form, the form is to be submitted to the appropriate HQ for processing. 

6. The recommendation must face final approval which will also include the final order for the award or a denial with an explanation.  

7. Details of the distribution of the award will be provided in the returned form.  

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DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical History


A DD Form 2807-1 is a Department of Defense form is used for gathering medical information for applicants to military service.  The form is used by military physicians to determine if an applicant can be accepted or should be disqualified on medical grounds.  

The DD Form 2807-1 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

Before filling out the DD Form 2807-1, you must first read the disclaimer and understand that you must answer truthfully to all questions or face criminal charges. 

1. First, fill out your basic information in boxes 1 through 4, providing your name, social security number, and contact information.

2. Put the examining location on box 5, giving the address of the location.  

3.  Provide the information required in boxes 6 through 9, stating the military branch you are applying for, component, and purpose of the form.  Next provide your position, usual occupation, current medication, and allergies. 

4. Boxes 10 through 19 ask you to indicate whether you have a history of specific medical conditions or illnesses.  Go through each medical issue and answer yes or no for each.  You must fill in the corresponding bubble for each medical issue.  

5. Do not leave any answers blank, you must answer yes or no to each issue.  If you answer yes to any question in boxes 10 through 19, you must provide an explanation of the medical condition in the provided space in box 29 or attach additional sheets explaining each yes answer.  

6. Questions 20 through 28 ask additional personal questions, which you must answer yes or no for each question.  

7. On the second page, provide your name and social security number at the top. 

8. A physician must attest to your answers in boxes 10 through 28.  The physician may provide additional comments in box 30, adding additional information that they feel is important.  

9. The examiner must sign and date the second page.  The DD Form 2807-1 is now ready for submission to the Department of Defense for review of your medical history.  

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Form DA 200 Transmittal Record


A DA Form 200 is a United States Army form used to record transmittal records of an item shipped between a shipping party and a receiving party.  The form is to be filled out by the shipper. 

The DA Form 200 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The first box that must be filled out is the security classification in box 1

1. The security classification will determine the method of shipment and the appropriate security measures that may need to take place for the shipment.

Box 2 requires the shipment number.

Boxes 3, 4, and 5 are used to identify the shipment and the date it will be shipped.  

2. Fill out these boxes with the appropriate information before shipping occurs. 

Boxes 6 through 11 require the information necessary for the shipment to take place.

3. You will need to identify the authority for the shipment, number of records shipped, contact information for the authority, and the shipping information of the sender and receiver.  

4. A return receipt may be requested by the shipper, which will require the DA Form 200 be signed, copied, and sent back to the shipper for confirmation.

Boxes 10 and 11 require certification of shipment and that the item was received. 

Boxes 12 through 14 require the sender to identify the details of the shipment made.  

5. You must include the type of media shipped, indicating the media form and total number of items and boxes.  If the type of media is not indicated on the form, you may write it in a blank section of box 12.

Boxes 15 through 17 are to be used for identifying the shipment method and special instructions that may be required for the shipment. 

6. Additional remarks may be made in box 18.  Include any additional instructions, details, or information that either the shipping party or the receiving party will need.  

Once the DA Form 200 has been filled out and the items properly shipped, a copy of the form should be kept by both sender and receiver for record keeping purposes.  

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Form DA 1687 Notice of Delegation of Authority Receipt for Supplies


A DA Form 1687 is a United States Army form for the notice of delegation of authority for a receipt of supplies.  This form is informally referred to as a “signature card” and is used primarily to record the receipt of supplies.  

The DA Form 1687 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The first box that must be filled out is the date box in the upper right corner.  

In the next boxes, the receiving party must identify themselves and their location.

1. The receiving party must identify their name, location , and authority for each unit of supplies they are receiving from the delegating authority. 

The supplying officer must next fill out the bottom portion of the DA Form 1687.

2. The supply officer must indicate the type of transfer that is occurring and should make any important remarks needed to understand the transfer and why it is taking place. 

3. The receiving party will then assume full responsibility for the supplies, which they will swear to on the bottom portion of the receipt.

4. The unit identification code, account numbers, name, rank and contact must be supplied at the end of the form.

Once completed, the individual who is accepting receipt of the items must sign off on the DA Form 1687.

5. A copy should be kept by both the supplying and receiving individuals, to assure that all supplies are accounted for through the supply chain.  

6. Additional copies should accompany the supplies to their next destination, so as to provide the appropriate information as the supplies make their way through the proper channels before ending at their final destination.  

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Form DA 2404 Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet


A DA Form 2404 is a United States Army form used to record the inspection and maintenance of equipment.  The worksheet is used primarily along with a corresponding technical manual for the piece of equipment that is being worked on. 

The DA Form 2404 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

Box 1 must be filled in, identifying the organization working on the piece of equipment.

Boxes 2 through 6 identify the equipment that will be inspected or worked on. 

1. Ensure that you supply the nomenclature and model of the equipment in box 2. 

2. Identify the operating information pertinent to the equipment.  You must include any mileage, hours, hot starts, or other measuring tool of the equipment.  

Once all of the equipment identifiers have been recorded, you must move on to box 7.

3. Under box 7, you must identify the technical manual that is to be used in the inspection and maintenance. 

4. Identify all technical manuals to be used.  If more than two manuals are being used, refer to them in an addendum sheet that can be attached at the end of the DA Form 2404.

In Box 8, the maintenance provider or inspector must certify the form by signing and dating.  

5. Additionally, the amount of service time must be recorded in Box 10.

The rest of the worksheet is devoted to listing and identifying the items inspected and the maintenance records.

6. List each item number and their status individually in boxes a and b.  

7. If there are any problems with the equipment, they must be identified in column c, which is titled deficiencies and shortcomings. 

8. If any corrective actions are needed, they should be listed in column d. 

9. Once addressed, each item must be signed off with the initials of the maintenance personnel in column e.

After completion of the DA Form 2404, the record should be kept with the equipment for further reference in future maintenance events.  

10. The maintenance group should also keep a copy, to keep an active record of all inspections and maintenance performed on equipment.  

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