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Form DD 2875 System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)


A DD Form 2875 is a Department of Defense form used a request for system authorization access.  The form must be used before any access to Department of Defense computer system access will be granted. 

The DD Form 2875 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The initial boxes require you to indicate the type of request being made, the system name and location.  

1. Part I is to be completed by the requesting individual and requires their personal and contact information.

2. Write in the corresponding boxes the name, organization, address, department, and contact information.  

It must also be indicated whether the requesting party provide their citizenship and military status. 

3. If any training or certification is necessary, the individual must indicate whether they have completed the necessary requirements and certify the form in box 11. 

Once part I is completed, part II must be filled out by the system administrating agency or sponsoring party.  

4. The justification for access must be provided in box 13.  A brief explanation is required, however if extensive information needs to be provided, additional pages may be attached at the end of the form.  

Additionally, the sponsoring party must describe the type of access to be granted and the security clearances necessary for the system. 

5. Both the supervisor and information owner must provide their certifications and contact information in boxes 17 through 25.  

If additional security matters need to be addressed by the proposed access, a security manager must validate the form in part III. 

6. The security manager must provide the investigation information and sign off on the DD Form 2875 before it can be reviewed and approved. 

Part IV requires completion by the authorized staff preparing the account information.  

7. If specific information about the system needs to supplied on the DD Form 2875, this information should be listed in part IV, explaining the specific systems, domains, servers, applications, directories, files, or datasets that will be accessible. 

Once all sections have been completed by the proper authorizing parties, the form should be transmitted to the approval authority.  

8. A record of the form should be kept by the requesting party for further reference, especially if additional system authorizations requests will be needed in the future.  

Download the PDF file .

Form DD 1172 Application for Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment


A DD Form 1172 is a Department of Defense form is used for application for an identification card and DEERS enrollment. The form is required for obtaining the identification card and provides the adequate information for enrollment in benefits programs for the military member and their dependents.   

The DD Form 1172 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command. 

The applying military or department of defense employee must fill out section I, providing basic contact information.

1. You must provide your name, social security number, status, and pay grade information. 

2. Furthermore, you must supply all contact information that is required, including address and phone contact.

Section II may require you include additional information about your current assignment, qualifying status, or other important information about the benefits you are eligible. 

3. Depending on your agency or department, section II may already be per-printed with the information necessary for your application. 

Section III requires the information about your sponsoring group or agency, with the appropriate authorizations and approvals. 

4. Your sponsoring office must provide its contact information, details of your assignments and positions, and be signed off by a qualified official for authorization. 

If you have any dependents which will qualify for benefits through the Department of Defense, you must include their information in part IV.  

5. If you do not have any dependents, you may leave this section blank.  An amendment to this form may be necessary if you are responsible for dependents at a later date.  

6. If you need additional space for more than 2 dependents, you may use additional sheets attached to your DD Form 1172.

Once a new identification card is issued, you must certify receipt of the the new card in section V. 

7. Retain a copy of DD Form 1172 for future reference and your file.  You may need to file amended DD Form 1172s in the future or need the necessary information on it. 

Download the PDF file .

Form VA 21-4138 Statement In Support of Claim


A VA Form 21-4138 is the Veteran Affairs Statement in Support of a Claim form that is used to support a claim for benefits.  This form is used to provide requested information by Veteran’s Affairs while they are evaluating your claim.  

The VA Form 21-4138 is available on the United States Department of Veteran Affairs website.    

The first blank boxes require your basic identification information. 

 1. In the top box, you must provide the name, social security number, and the claims file number of the veteran who is making the claim.

Next, the large box on the first page requires a statement made in connection with the applied for claims. 

2. This is the most important section of your VA Form 21-4138.

3. It is important that you write a well thought out statement that supports your claims. 

4. Write a draft of your statement. 

5. Ensure that your draft includes a very detailed explanation addressing all of the required additional information the Department of Veteran’s Affairs requires.  Also ensure that you cover all of your claims. 

6. Once you have a completed draft, you can either handwrite your explanation in the box or print it from a computer and attach it.  You must also attach any supporting documents you may require.  
Finally, you must certify your VA Form 21-4138.

7. Sign and date the VA Form 21-438 at the bottom of the page.  

8. Supply your address and phone number contacts 

If your statement will not fit in the box on the first page, you may continue your statement in the box on the second page.  You may also attached additional pages for your form if you so require.  

9. Submit your VA Form 21-4138 to the Department of Veteran Affairs by mailing it to the address provided, ensuring that it gets to the office it needs to be reviewed.   

Download the PDF file .