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Form DA 1687 Notice of Delegation of Authority Receipt for Supplies

Form DA 1687 Notice of Delegation of Authority Receipt for Supplies



A DA Form 1687 is a United States Army form for the notice of delegation of authority for a receipt of supplies.  This form is informally referred to as a “signature card” and is used primarily to record the receipt of supplies.  

The DA Form 1687 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The first box that must be filled out is the date box in the upper right corner.  

In the next boxes, the receiving party must identify themselves and their location.

1. The receiving party must identify their name, location , and authority for each unit of supplies they are receiving from the delegating authority. 

The supplying officer must next fill out the bottom portion of the DA Form 1687.

2. The supply officer must indicate the type of transfer that is occurring and should make any important remarks needed to understand the transfer and why it is taking place. 

3. The receiving party will then assume full responsibility for the supplies, which they will swear to on the bottom portion of the receipt.

4. The unit identification code, account numbers, name, rank and contact must be supplied at the end of the form.

Once completed, the individual who is accepting receipt of the items must sign off on the DA Form 1687.

5. A copy should be kept by both the supplying and receiving individuals, to assure that all supplies are accounted for through the supply chain.  

6. Additional copies should accompany the supplies to their next destination, so as to provide the appropriate information as the supplies make their way through the proper channels before ending at their final destination.  

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