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Form DA 638 Recommendation for Award


A DA Form 638 is a United States Army form for the recommendation for an award. The form is used for most recommendations for awards, but not for heroism, valor, or wartime awards, which must use a separate process for recommendation. 

The DA Form 638 is available on the United States Army documentation website or can be supplied through the Army chain of command.  

The party who is filing the DA Form 638 must first identify in boxes 1 through 3 the military member who would receive the award, the recommending military member, their contact information, and the date.  

Part I then requires specific information regarding the individual to receive the award. 

1. In boxes 4 through 13, supply all information required, including name, contact information, branch, previous awards, awards recommended, and the reason for the award. 

Next you must supply the specific information regarding the recommending individual. 

2. Boxes 14 through 19 require the recommender’s general information and relationship to the awardee.  

Part III of the DA Form 638 requires a detailed explanation of the achievements which have lead to this particular recommendation for an award. 

3. Make sure to provide a detailed account in bullet form of any achievements which warrants the award.  This will be used as an evaluation by the authorizing party to determine if the award should be given. 

Part IV requires the documentation of all the approval through the chain of command that must be given in order for the recommendation of an award to be completed. 

4. All certifying members through the chain of command must provide their information and sign off on the award to be given. 

5. If additional personnel are required to approve the award, they can be listed on the addendum provided in the DA Form 638 as needed.  

Once all members of the chain of command needed to approve the award have signed off on this form, the form is to be submitted to the appropriate HQ for processing. 

6. The recommendation must face final approval which will also include the final order for the award or a denial with an explanation.  

7. Details of the distribution of the award will be provided in the returned form.  

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