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Vermont Tax Forms

Vermont Tax Forms

Form BA-403 Extension of Time Application
Form BI-471 Business Income Tax Return
Form BI-472 S-Corporation Schedule
Form Bi-473 Partnership/LLC Schedule
Form Change of Ownership
Form CO-411 Corporate Income Tax Return
Form HS-131 Homestead Declaration
Form HS-145 Property Tax Adjustment Claim
Form IN-111 Income Tax Return
Form IN-114 Individual Income Estimated Tax Payment Voucher
Form IN-116 Income Tax Payment Voucher
Form IN-151 Application for Extension of Time to File Individual Income Tax Return 2011
Form IN-151 Application of Extension of Time to File Form IN-111
Form LG-1 Land Gains Withholding Tax Return
Form LG-2 Land Gains Tax Return (Transferor)
Form PR-141 Renter Rebate Claim
Form RW-171 Withholding Tax Return for Transfer of Real Property
Form S-3 Resale and Exempt Organization
Form SMWA-1 Application for Refund
Form SU-452 Use Tax Return