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Form Name Reservation Request

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Form Name Reservation Request



This form is used to reserve the name of a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership in the state of Georgia.  You can search online under the GA Secretary of State to see if the names are taken, but the online directory is limited.  An in-house search will occur after you submit this form. 


“Name Reservation Request Step 1”

At the top of the form, provide the full legal name of the applicant.  On the line below, provide the applicant’s street address, city, state, zip code, email address, and main telephone number. 


“Name Reservation Request Step 2”

If you’re requesting a name reservation, you need to include the word “Company”, “Corporation” or “Incorporated” an appropriate abbreviation in the name of the company. 


“Name Reservation Request Step 3”

If you’re reserving the name of a limited liability company, you need to include one of the following designations: Limited, Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, LTD. Liability Company, LLC, Or L.C.


“Name Reservation Request Step 4”

If you’re reserving the name of a limited partnership, you need to include the term “Limited Partnership,” “L.P.,” “or “LTD. Partnership” in the name of the company.  The Secretary of State will not accept the form if the name does not meet state requirements. 


“Name Reservation Request Step 5”

Provide your 1st preference, 2nd preference, and 3rd preference for the name of the company at the bottom of this form. 


“Name Reservation Request Step 6”

Include a filing fee of $25.00 with this form.  If the name is approved, you will receive a name reservation number that is valid for 30 days.  If the company has not filed Articles of Incorporation within 30 days, the reservation will expire.  The company can submit another reservation request for 30 more days with an additional $25.00. 


Pay by money order or check payable to the Office of Secretary of State.  You can also request a name reservation online at www.georgiacorporations.org


“Name Reservation Request Step 2”

If you’re mailing the form, use the following address:


Office of Secretary of State

Corporations Division

Name Reservation Request

313 West Tower, #2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Download the PDF file .