Form 8-K Current Report

Form 8-K Current Report



Form 8-K is a United States Securities and Exchange commission form used for public companies to notify investors of any “material event” important to ownership interests of the company. A current report form 8-k must be filed within 4 business days of the material event in order to meet SEC requirements.  

The Form 8-K can be obtained through the Securities and Exchange commission's website or by obtaining the documents through an SEC local office.  

The first step is to fill out the first page of the Form 8-K, supplying the general information about the report and the company that is filing it.

1. Provide the date of the report, which is the date of the earliest event which the report will be covering.  

2. Provide the name of the registered company, listing its exact name as provided by its corporation charter. 

3. On the next line, provide the state of incorporation, commission file number, and IRS employer identification number.

4. Provide the address and contact of the main executive offices, noting any changes of address since the last SEC filing.

5. You can also indicate if you are using the Form 8-K for additional filing purposes under other SEC regulations. 

6. Once you have filled out the initial information, you must report on the material event which has occurred.  You must include all required information as outlined in the instructions in items 1.01 through 9.01.  

7. Your report will need to include great detail about your company and the event that occurred.  You will need to follow strict adherence to these rules and regulations in order to properly file the Form 8-K.

8. Once your report is completed and it is in full compliance with all items stated in Form 8-K, you must have the registrant of the company sign and certify the form in order for completion.  

9. The form and the report must be filed with the SEC and made available to all stockholders.  Follow the proper procedures as outlined in the SEC regulations.  




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