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Form 79 Application For Reservation Of Name



You can use this form to request a name reservation for a business in the state of Montana.  You cannot file this form if you’ve already filed or are currently filing any of the following forms:

·  Registration of Assumed Business Name

·  Registration of Limited Liability Partnership

·  Certificate of Limited Partnership

·  Articles of Incorporation

·  Articles of Organization


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 1”
Check the appropriate box at the top of this form and write the reserved name on the first line.  Make sure the name contains a designation required by law, and emphasize the spaces between the words. 


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 2”

Provide a date on the second line indicating when the applicant will commence business.  Please note that a name can only be reserved for 120 days before the commencement of business. 


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 3”

List the name and business mailing address of the applicant in section 3. 


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 4”

Provide a description of the business in section 4.  One of two sentences is enough.  The applicant needs to sign and date the bottom of this form.  Make sure the applicant provides their printed name, telephone number, and email as well. 


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 5”

The filing fee for this form is $10.00.  Expedited service within 24 hours is $30.00, and expedited service within an hour is $110.00.  Make the check payable to Secretary of State. 


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 6”

Use the following address when you’re mailing the form:


Linda McCulloch

Secretary of State

P.O. Box 202801

Helena, MT 59620-2801


“Application for Reservation of Name 79 Step 7”

Normal service will take about 10 days.  The state will check to see if the form meets statutory requirements.  If the state finds a deficiency, the form is returned to the applicant.  If the form is complete, the state will send a certificate to the applicant.  Make sure to tell the state you want a “filed stamped” copy of the document when they return the certificate. 

Download the PDF file .