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Vermont Divorce Forms

ermont Divorce Forms

Case Data Divorce Completion (Mediation)
Case Data Divorce Intake (Mediation)
Complaint for Divorce NO KIDS
Department of Health Record of Divorce or Annulment Form
Divorce Mediation Completion
Divorce Mediation Intake
Form 231 Affidavit as to Military Service on Default of Appearance by Defendant
Form 800 Information Sheet
Form 801 Notice of Hearing – Petition to Establish Child Support
Form 802 Child Support Order
Form 802M Medical Support Order
Form 803 Notice of Appearance and Intent to Represent Myself
Form 804 Affidavit
Form 806 Motion for Default Judgment
Form 809 Petition for Wage Withholding
Form 810 Objection to Wage Withholding
Form 813 A Financial Affidavit
Form 813 B Financial Affidavit: Property and Assets
Form 820 Kids Notice of Action & Request for Waiver of Service WITH KIDS
Form 820 No Kids Notice of Action & Request for Waiver of Service NO KIDS
Form 823 Motion to Enforce Child Support, Maintenance Supplement and/or Spousal Support
Form 825 Agreement on Parental Rights and Responsibilities, Parent Child Contact and Provisions Relating to Children (Parenting Plan)
Form 829 Notice of Appeal
Form 830 Motion
Form 831 Notice of Appearance for Self Represented Litigant
Form 834 Affidavit of Child Custody
Form 836 Complaint for Divorce With Children
Form 836 No Kids Complaint for Divorce Without Children
Form 837 Kids Answer to Complaint With Children
Form 837 No Kids Answer to Complaint Without Children
Form 838 Notice of Appearance, Answer to the Divorce Complaint, and Counterclaim
Form 841 Stipulation and Motion to Waive Final Hearing
Form 849 Statement of Confidential Information
Form Case Data Divorce Mediation Completion Information
Form Divorce Mediation Intake
Form Record of Divorce or Annulment