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Form Emancipation Petition

Form Emancipation Petition



There is no specific statute in Pennsylvania that addresses emancipation except for emancipation from child support.  Pennsylvania is unique.  The legal status of the minor may move in and out of emancipation, and most cases do not automatically qualify a minor for emancipation.  Additionally, just because a child qualifies for emancipation does not mean they are fully emancipated from their parents. 

If a minor wants to become emancipated, to join the military for example, they must file a petition with the local Family Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas.  The following instructions address the petition in Delaware County. 

“Petition for Emancipation Step 1”

In the first paragraph, you need to list your full legal name along with your social security number.  In the line above the first paragraph, write the word “emancipation.”

“Petition for Emancipation Step 2”

In the second paragraph, you have to list your full birthday in the following form: oo/oo/oooo.  On the second line, place the name of the county in which you were born, and the state in the third line.

You need to attach a copy of your birth certificate to the petition.  The birth certificate must be a certified copy and cannot be a photocopy.

“Petition for Emancipation Step 3”

In the third paragraph, list the name, relationship, and address of your parents or guardian.  If you do not know the location of a parent, inform the Court Clerk.  If you parent is deceased, write their name, relationship, and write deceased on the address line. 

“Petition for Emancipation Step 4”

In the fourth paragraph, list your current residence and when you first moved into the residence.

“Petition for Emancipation Step 5”

In the fifth paragraph, tell the court how you are capable of handling your own finances.  You’ll need to list your current employer on the last line, and you can attach a wage statement to the petition for evidence to the court. 

“Petition for Emancipation Step 6”

In the sixth paragraph, tell the court how you can manage your own personal and social affairs.  If a peer such as a teacher, coach, or other person can prove your maturity, attach a statement to the petition. In the last line, state where you plan to live if emancipated.

“Petition for Emancipation Step 7”

Sign and date the petition.  Give all forms to the clerk. 

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