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Form Domestic Corporation Filing Packet




“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 1”

Provide the name of the corporation in Article 1.  Make sure the name contains a designation such as the following: Incorporated, Inc., Limited, Ltd., Company, Co., Corp., or similar words.


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 2”

Check the appropriate box in Article 2.  If you check the first box, provide the name of the commercial agent.  If you check either box in row two, provide the name, street address, and mailing address if different from the street address. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 3”

 Provide the number of authorized shares in Article 3.  Indicate the par value in the space provided.  Also, list the number of authorized shares without par value in the appropriate box. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 4”

List the names and addresses of the governing board in Article 4.  If additional space is needed, list the name and address on a 8 ½ by 11 sheet. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 5”

State the purpose of the corporation in Article 5.  See the instructions within the form more information. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 6”

Provide the names and addresses of the incorporators in Article 6.  Attach a separate form if more space is required.  Make sure all of the signatures appear beside the printed name. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 7”

The registered agent needs to sign and date the bottom of this form.  They also need to complete the Registered Agent Acceptance sheet in this packet. 


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 8”

You need to regard the payment schedule in order to calculate your filing fees.  The initial filing fee is contingent on the number of authorized shares. 


If you want expedited service, you’re filing fee will increase between $125.00 and $1,000 depending on the type of service requested.  A certified copy of this form will cost $30.00.  There is an additional $2.00 for every page printed along with the copy.  A ceremonial, colored charter is also available for $100.00 more.  


“Domestic Corporation Filing Packet Step 9”

If you’re filing this form online, make sure you fill out and sign the form for your credit card information. 

Download the PDF file .