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Maryland Civil (District) Forms

Maryland Civil (District) Forms

Addendum to Application to Inspect Public Records
Addendum to Peace Order Petition
Address Change Request
Affidavit of Bail Bondsman
Affidavit of Equity Verification – Collateral Posted in Circuit Court
Affidavit of Uncompensated Surety
Americans With Disabilities Act Grievance Form
Application for Expungement of Police Record
Application for Statement of Charges for Bad Checks
Application for Statement of Charges for Bad Checks Cont. Sheet
Application for the Issuance of a Warrant
Application to Inspect Public Records
Assignment of Bond
Assignment of Judgment
Attachment for Contempt
Certificate of Service
Certification by Peace Officer, Physician, or Qualified Persons
Civil Appeal/Request for Transcript/Certificate of Service
Claimant’s Motion/Certificate of Service/Hearing on Motion
Complaint and Affidavit for Judgment by Confession
Complaint and Summons Against Tenant Holding Over/Summons
Complaint and Summons Against Tenant in Breach of Lease
Complaint/Application and Affidavit in Support of Judgment
Complaint/Wrongful Detainer or Grantor in Possession
Complaint: Application for Forfeiture of Contraband Money
Confidential Supplement
Consent to Treatment
Cost Schedule
Declaration of Trust of Real Estate To Secure Performance of a Bond
Dictionary (for Use With Petition For Protection from Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Vulnerable
Failure to Pay Park Owner’s Complaint for Repossession of Rented Property
Failure to Pay Rent/Landlord’s Complaint for Repossession of Rented Property
Financial Statement
General Waiver and Release
Guide to Appeal Fees
Judgment Creditor’s Monthly Report
Motion and Order Compelling Answers to Interrogatories in Aid of Execution/Order
Motion for Order Declaring Judgment Satisfied/Certificate of Service/Hearing/Order/Notice of Satisfa
Motion for Order to Follow Goods Under Distress/Order of Court
Motion for Release of Property From Levy/Garnishment or to Exempt Property from Execution/Certificat
Motion to Permit Inspection
Motion to Seal or Otherwise Limit Inspection of a Case Record
Motion to Sell Distrained Goods/Order for Sale
Motion/Certificate of Service/Order
Natural Resources Fine Schedule
New/Revised Form Request
Notice of Appeal
Notice of Dismissal
Notice of Publication-Attachment Before Judgment
Notice to Renew Judgment/Notice of Renewal of Judgment
Obtaining Civil Judgment and Satisfaction Data
Order Concerning Appointment of Special Officer
Order Concerning Reimbursement of Special Officer
Order of Satisfaction/Notice of Satisfaction of Lien
Peace Order Supplement
Petition for Contempt
Petition for Determination of Eligibility for Counsel
Petition for Emergency Evaluation
Petition for Expungement of Police and Court Records
Petition for Levy in Distress/Show Cause Order/Order to Sheriff of Constable Levy in Distress
Petition For Peace Order
Petition for Permanent Protection from Domestic Violence
Petition For Protection From Domestic Violence/Child Abuse/Vulnerable Adult Abuse
Petition for Remission of Bond Forfeiture
Petition for Return of Served Property/Order/Return of Appraisal
Petition for Waiver of Costs/Order
Petition for Warrant of Restitution
Petition in Action of Rent Escrow/For Injunction/Writ of Summons/Order of Court
Petition To Modify/Rescind Peace Order
Petition To Modify/Rescind Protective Order
Petition to Strike Bond Forfeiture/Extend Period for Satisfaction/Order
Plaintiff’s Affidavit to Secure Service by Posting or Publication/Order of Court
Professional Bondsman/Agent Information
Property Damage Affidavit
Protective Order Addendum
Purchase Order – Civil Forms
Purchase Order – Miscellaneous Forms
Request for Accommodation by Persons with Disabilities
Request for an Order for the Issuance/ Order Directing Issuance of a Writ of Attachment Before Judgm
Request for Attorney Code/Address Change
Request for CD Recording/Transcript
Request for Garnishment on Wages/Writ of Garnishment on Wages
Request for Judgment-Garnishment/Certificate of Service/Order of Court
Request for Order Directing Defendant to Appear for Examination in Aid of Enforcement of Judgment/Or
Request for Postponement
Request for Show Cause Order for Contempt/Show Cause Order for Contempt
Request for Spoken Language Interpreter
Request For Summons (Renewal)
Request for Transmittal of Judgment/Transmittal of Judgment/Receipt of Judgment
Request for Trial-Garnishment/Certificate of Service/Order of Court
Request for Writ of Execution/Writ of Execution of Property
Request for Writ of Possession/Writ of Possession
Request to File Foreign Judgment/Notice to Judgment Debtor of Filing of Foreign Judgment
Request to File Notice of Lien/Notice of Lien of Attachment Before Judgment/Notice of Lien of Judgme
Request to Register Out-of-State Order of Protection
Request to Shield Information in a Case Record
Request/Order for Release of Wages or Other Debts Attached on a Confessed Judgment
Request/Writ/Notice for Garnishment of Property Other Than Wages
Schedule of Preset Motor Vehicle Fines and/or Penalty Deposits
Show Cause Order in Action of Replevin/Notice to Defendant/Order and Writ of Replevin
Special Officer Final Report
Special Officer Petition for Legal Fees

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