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Form IA Name Change Petition

Form IA Name Change Petition



This form needs filed in the District Court of the county where the petitioner currently resides.  Filing fees will range from county to county. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 1”

In the heading, provide your county’s name and your current legal name.  The clerk will provide the case number. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 2”

In part 1, provide the petitioner’s current and full legal name along with the county of their residence. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 3”

In part 2, provide the petitioner’s height in feet and inches, weight, hair color, and eye color. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 4”

 In part 3, provide the petitioner’s race, gender, city and state of birth, and date of birth including month, day, and year. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 5”

In part 4, provide all real estate that the petitioner owns in the state of Iowa. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 6”

In part 5, provide the address where the petitioner currently resides.  Also include addresses where the petitioner has lived in the past 5 years on the lines provided. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 7”

In part 6, check the appropriate box indicating if the petitioner is married or unmarried.  If the petitioner is married and wants to change their name, they must give legal notice to the spouse. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 8”

In part 7, state why the petitioner wants to change their name.  Then, in part 9, provide the petitioner current legal name on the first line and the proposed change of name on the second line.

“IA Name Change Petition Step 9”

Sign the first line for the petitioner’s signature.  The second signature must be performed in front of Notary Public.  Attach a certified copy of the petitioner’s birth certificate to the Petition and make a copy of the petition as well.  The copy will be filed with the Division for Records and Statistics under the Iowa Department of Public Health. 

“IA Name Change Petition Step 10”

If the change of name is granted, the Decree will be available 30 days after the filing of the petition.  The Decree will provide information about the petitioner and any minor children that may be affected by the change of name. 

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