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Form Financial Declaration

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Form Financial Declaration



As part of the separation process in Utah, both spouses will be required to file a financial declaration. This document is used to help resolve issues of alimony, child support payments and division of property. The form discussed in this article is available on the website of the Utah State Courts.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 1: At the top of the page, the person completing the form should give their name, address, telephone number and e-mail. This person should indicate whether they are the petitioner, respondent, or the attorney for either party. If the latter, they should give their bar number.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 2: Enter the judicial district number and county of the court hearing your case. Enter the names of the petitioner, defendant, judge and commissioner, as well as the case number, where indicated.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 3: In response to question two, give your Social Security number.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 4: In response to question three, give the name and address of your employer, or indicate that you are unemployed.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 5: Question four requires you to detail you and your spouse's monthly income from wages, public and private benefits, alimony and all other sources. Enter the total at the bottom of the chart. If you have no income, explain why.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 6: Question five requires to provide information about both spouses' deductions withheld from wages, such as those made for federal and state taxes. Subtract this total from the total in question four to determine your net monthly income. Enter this in response to question six.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 7: In response to question seven, list all real estate property, including its current value and which spouse owns it. Do the same for personal property in regard to question eight. In response to question nine, provide the same information regarding all business interests.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 8: Question 10 requires you to detail both spouses' assets, while question 11 concerns spouses' debts. Question 12 asks you to detail your monthly expenses.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 9: List all dependents in response to question 13.

Utah Financial Declaration Step 10: Sign and date the last page. The person serving your spouse with a copy of the complaint should sign the certificate of service.

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