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Net Worth Statement

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Net Worth Statement


In family court disputes related to child support, alimony and other aspects of divorce, both spouses may be required to file a New York Statement Of Net Worth. This document asks you to detail all aspects of your fiscal circumstances. The form can be obtained from the website of the New York Unified Court System.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 1: At the top of the page, enter the name and number of the court hearing your case, and the county name. Enter both spouse's names, the date the case began, the state and county, and indicate whether you are the plaintiff or response by circling the appropriate word in the first response. Enter the date up to which this information is accurate.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 2: Section I requests information about you, your spouse and any children.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 3: In section II, you must list all of your expenses in the categories listed. You may provide all figures concerning either weekly or monthly expenses, but you must be consistent.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 4: Section III requires you to detail your gross income from work, account for deductions from wages, and detail all other sources of income as requested.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 5: Section IV requires you to list all assets. Note if any are jointly owned with your spouse. Enter the total at the bottom of the section. In section V, list all liabilities and total them. Subtract Section V's total value from Section IV's to figure out your net worth.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 6: In section VI, list all assets you have transferred in the last three years, along with the date, value and person to whom they were transferred.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 7: In section VII, enter your requests for support payments. In sections VIII and IX, detail all attorneys', account and appraisal fees related to your case. In section X, note any additional fiscal information.

New York Statement Of Net Worth Step 8: Sign and date the form in front of a notary public. Your attorney, if any, should sign and provide their address and telephone number.

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