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Form SEG-Serial Group



Serial publications, defined as periodicals published once a week or further apart, can be registered for copyright as a group with a Form SE/Group. Those who wish to register every periodical publication separately must use a Form SE instead. Both of these forms can be obtained from the website of the United States Copyright Office.

Form SE/Group Step 1: Section 1 is where information about the periodical in question must be listed. To qualify for this form of group copyright, all issues listed on one application must have been published within 90 days of each other within the same calendar year. Furthermore, each copyright application must be made by the same claimant and the issues must consist of "work for hire," i.e. work that was explicitly contracted for use by the periodical.

Form SE/Group Step 2: Where indicated, write the title of the periodical and its International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). Publications which do not have an ISSN may request one from the National Serials Data Program division of the Library of Congress.

Form SE/Group Step 3: Where indicated, write the volume, issue number, the date on the cover of every issue, and the month, date and year on which the periodical was published.

Form SE/Group Step 4: Under "Section 2," write the name of the author or collective claimant (such as the publishing organization) which is seeking copyright status. If the person or organization seeking copyright is not based in America, they must list the country in which they are citizens, the country where their residence is located, and the country in which the periodical was published.

Form SE/Group Step 5: The person seeking periodical should print and sign their name where indicated.

Form SE/Group Step 6: Enter the name, phone number, and address of the person who should be contacted with any questions about this copyright claim.

Form SE/Group Step 7: Mail the application to the address listed at the bottom of the page along with one copy of every issue described therein. This application cannot be submitted online. A check or money order for $65 should be included for the filing fee. 

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