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Form TX is submitted to the United States Copyright Office to register any non-dramatic written work except for magazines, newspapers and other periodicals. Works such as novels, nonfictions books, magazine catalogues, catalogs and so on can all register through this form. You may obtain a Form TX from the website of the United States Copyright Office.


Form TX Step 1: In section one, enter the name of the work, as well as any alternate titles. If it was previously published as part of a collective volume or as part of a periodical or serial volume, provide information about this original publishing source, including the name.


Form TX Step 2: Section two is for authors to provide information about themselves. While you may register the work anonymously or under a pseudonym while checking the appropriate box, you must indicate what citizenship the author has and where their place of residence is. If the work is a "work for hire," this means it was made for someone else. Should this be the case, you should have this noted in your contract before you begin writing. If more than three authors are being registered, obtain a continuation sheet to record their information with this application. Include a brief explanation of each author's contribution.


Form TX Step 3: In section three, list the year work was completed. If the work was previously published in any form, note when and where.


Form TX Step 4: In section four, list the address of the person claiming copyright. If different from the author, explain how you obtained copyright.


Form TX Step 5: In section five, note whether you have previously registered this work. You may register again if publishing a registered but previously unpublished work, are submitting a claim for copyright as the author for the first time, or have made changes. Check the box next to the correct statement and provide the original registration number and year it was issued.


Form TX Step 6: In optional section six, note any already completed work included in your work or an explanation of how you have added material to a previously registered work.


Form TX Step 7: In section 7, list the address for correspondence.


Form TX Step 8: In section 8, print and sign your name and include the date. 

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