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Connecticut Other Forms

Connecticut Other Forms

Form JD-CV-68 Petition For Order Re: Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities
Form JD-CV24A Exemption Claim
Retention of Assets Statement
SEEC Form 10 Notice to Executive Branch State Contractors and Prospective State Contractors
SEEC Form 23 Self-Funded Candidate’s Expenditure Statement
2012 Consumer Report Card Addendum (all networks)
2012 Consumer Report Card Survey – Part 1
2012 Consumer Report Card Survey – Part 2
2012 Consumer Report Card Survey Filing Requirements
2012 Consumer Report Card Survey – Network Adequacy Certification
Affidavit to Report a Driver Who May Be Unable to Safely Operate a Motor Vehicle
AR1 Form – Certificate of Assuming Insurer
Certification and Clearance Forms
Elections Enforcement Commission Complaint Form
External Review Application Form
Form JD-CV-122 How to Serve (Deliver to Defendant) a Small Claims Writ and Notice Suit
Form JD-CV-24NCAL Financial Institution – Judgment Debtor Who Is NOT a Natural Person
Form JD-CV-39 Application For Case Referral – Complex Litigation Docket
Form JD-CV-5CAL Property Execution Proceedings
Form 2-D License – Certificate of Parental Consent
Form A-25 Request for Hearing to Contest Vehicle Towing
Form A-62REV407 Application for Special Permit to Operate a Motor Vehicle to and From Work
Form A-83 Special Power of Attorney
Form B-203 Vessel Ownership Affidavit
Form B-214 Hearing Impairment Certificate
Form B-215 Special Mobile Equipment Affidavit
Form B-225 Special Permit Application and Impairment Certificate
Form B-229 Commercial Fishing Affidavit
Form B-256 Salvage Inspection Information Sheets
Form B-276 Application for Waiver of Registration Fee for Someone in the Military
Form B-303 Inflatable Restraint System Air Bag Certification Statement
Form B-307 Application for a Learner’s Permit
Form B-317 Modification Certification Statement for GVWR/ Seating Capacity
Form B-319 Bond for Driving Schools
Form B-329 Flashing White Headlamp Certification
Form B-330 Flashing White Headlamp Permit
Form B-341 Request for a duplicate motor vehicle registration
Form B-350 Application for Duplicate Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card by Mail
Form B-58 Change of Address and Organ/Tissue Donor Status
Form B-6 Application for Amateur Radio Call Letter License Plates
Form B360 Request for Administrative Review
Form CEP 10 Affidavit of Intent to Abide by Expenditure Limits and Other Citizens’ Election Program Requirements
Form CEP 11 Affidavit of Intent Not to Abide by Expenditure Limits
Form CEP 12 Electronic Funds Transfer Form
FORM CEP 13 Affidavit of Withdrawal Form
Form cep 14 Certification by Replacement Candidate
Form CEP 15 Application for Public Grant Dollars
Form CEP 18 Declaration of Joint Campaign (Participating Governor and Lt. Governor)
Form CERT-106 Claim for Refund of Use Tax Paid on a Motor Vehicle Purchased from Other than a Motor Vehicle Dealer
Form CI-1 Request to Renew or Obtain Duplicate Driver’s License or ID Card By Mail Due to Medical Conditions
Form D-47 Registration Issuance Bond
Form E-110 Farm Registration Certification
Form E-140 Automobile Club Association Bond
Form E-159 Marker Plate Notice
Form E-211 Transporters Registration Application Supplement
Form E-22 No Fee Affidavit for Registration
Form E-224 Application for Withholding of Resident Address
Form E-229 Application and License for Motor Vehicle Leasing Companies
Form E-78 License Change of Name Request
Form G-138 Dealer or Leasing Company Transmittal Sheet to DMV
Form H-109 Municipality Report of an Abandoned Vehicle
Form H-115 Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit
Form H-119 Attestation of Transfer Notification to Joint Owner
Form H-120 Officer’s Affidavit of Transfer Motor Vehicle Seized Pursuant to Alias Tax Warrant
Form H-123 Self-Service Storage Facility Filing of Business Information
Form H-124 Self-Service Storage Facility Notice of Intent to Transfer
Form H-125 Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Transfer by Self-Service Storage Facility
Form H-13 Application for Registration and Certificate of Title
Form H31 Bill of Sale
Form IRP-26 Individual Vehicle Distance Record
Form IRP-29 Individual Vehicle Distance Record- Trip Record Miles and Fuel
Form IRP-5 Application for Replacement Credentials
Form J-23B Vessel Copy Records Request
Form J-23T Title Records Request
Form J23 Copy Records Request
Form JD-CV-104 Uniform Foreclosure — Standing Orders
Form JD-CV-11 Certificate of Closed Pleadings
Form JD-CV-121 Instructions to Defendant
Form JD-CV-127 Foreclosure Mediation, Notice to Homeowner or Religious Organization
Form JD-CV-20 Proceedings for Enforcement of Municipal Parking Regs
Form JD-CV-20CAL Proceedings for Enforcement of Municipal Parking Regs
Form JD-CV-23 Post Judgment Remedies – Interrogatories
Form JD-CV-23a Instructions
Form JD-CV-24CAL Financial Institutions – Judgment Debtor Who Is a Natural Person
Form JD-CV-3 Wage Execution Proceedings – Application, Order, Execution
Form JD-CV-3a Exemption and Modification Claim Form Wage Execution
Form JD-CV-40S Instructions For Completing Service By A Proper Officer
Form JD-CV-46 Certificate of Judgment- Foreclosure by Sale
Form JD-CV-47 Certificate of Judgment – Strict Foreclosure
Form JD-CV-49 Motion for Default/Failure to Appear/Judgment/Order
Form JD-CV-49CAL Motion for Default/Failure to Appear/Judgment/Order
Form JD-CV-5 Property Execution Proceedings, Application, Order, Execution
Form JD-CV-50 Notice of Judgment And Order For Weekly Payments
Form JD-CV-50CAL Notice of Judgment And Order For Weekly Payments
Form JD-CV-52 Affidavit of Debt/Motion for Default/Failure to Appear
Form JD-CV-53 Notice of Application For Prejudgment Remedy
Form JD-CV-54 Petition For Examination of Judgment Debtor
Form JD-CV-55 Notice of Ex Parte Pre-Judgment Remedy
Form JD-CV-56 Expedited Process Track, Consent of Parties
Form JD-CV-57 Notice For Placement on Expedited Process Track
Form JD-CV-58 First Order of Notice/Attachment of Estate of Nonresident
Form JD-CV-5B Exemption Claim Form, Property Execution
Form JD-CV-5C Property Execution Proceedings, Claim For Determination of Interests
Form JD-CV-62 Application For Issuance of Subpoena
Form JD-CV-66 Errata Sheet
Form JD-CV-67 Continuation of Parties
Form JD-CV-71 Scheduling Order
Form JD-CV-72 Application For Hearing On Exempt Status of Funds
Form JD-ES-11 Employment Application
Form K-11 Maximum Towing Charges Approved By Commissioner of Motor Vehicles
Form K-13 Lost or Stolen Dealer or Repairer Plate Notice and Sub-Registration
Form K-158 Surety Bond
Form K-172 Dealer/Repairer Inspection Information Sheet
Form K-186 Salvage Vehicle Repair Report
Form K-193 Statement of Financial Condition
Form K-193A Statement of Financial Condition attachment
Form K-196 Manufacturer Termination of Franchise Notification
Form K-197 Replacement Parts Statement
Form K-198 Certificate of Business Status and Agent for Service
Form K-2 Application For Auto Club License
Form K-200 Etching of Vehicle Identification Number and Component Parts Marking
Form K-208 CT Licensed Dealer Vehicle Inspection Form
Form K-26 Business License Personnel List
Form K-35 Complaint Against CT Licensed Dealer or Repairer
Form K-6 Request for Marker Plates
Form K-69 Guidelines to Apply for a Motor Vehicles Manufacturers License
Form K-7 Application for Automobile Dealer’s or Repairer’s License
Form K-70 Procedures for Obtaining a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Junk Yard License
Form K-8 Dealers and Repairers License Inspection Application
Form K-88 Storage Rates Posting
Form K-89 Vehicle Storage Rates Requirements Application
Form K-91 Application for Connecticut Motor Vehicle Junkyard License
Form K174 Received Junk Vehicles Report
Form K36 Procedures to Obtain a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer’s or Repairer’s License
Form LS-5 Request for Permission to Conduct Special Activities on DMV Premises
Form LS-6 Impoundment Information Record
Form M-38 Special Order – Gold Star Family Plate
Form M-46 Special Order Veteran Plate Application
Form MCS-150CT Motor Carrier Identification Report
Form P-142C Cardiology Medical Report
Form P-142D Diabetes Medical Report
Form P-142N Neurology Medical Report
Form P-142OP Eye Care Professional’s Medical Report
Form P-142OR Orthopedic Medical Report
Form P-142P-S Psychiatric/Substance Abuse Medical Report
Form P-142R Respiratory Diseases
Form P-147 Volunteer Surrender or Downgrade of Operator License
Form P-246 Ignition Interlock Device – Installation Application
Form P-247 Ignition Interlock Device – Change of Application Record
Form P-248 Ignition Interlock Device Installation Authorization Form
Form P-40 Initial Medical Request
Form P225 Application for Special Operator’s Permit for Higher Education
Form Q-20 Use Tax Exemption on Motor Vehicles or Vessels Sold to or by Businesses
Form R-100 Application for Rate Schedule
Form R-114 Blue Light Permit Certification
Form R-157 Composite Motor Vehicles
Form R-17 Road Signs
Form R-230 Certification for Behind the Wheel Instruction
Form R-280 Driving School Instructor Training Schedule
Form R-301 Vehicle I.D. Number Verification
Form R-318 Application for Driver Education Program
Form R-319 Driver Education Supplies Request
Form R-323 CT Examination to Determine Physical Condition
Form R-323 Examination to Determine Physical Condition
Form R-349 Diesel Emissions Inspection Report
Form R-359 Application for New School Bus Driver Instructor
Form R-360 School Bus/STV Driver Training Certificate
Form R-360 School Bus/STV Driver Training Certificate 2006
Form R-361 Licensed Dealer/Repairer Inspector’s Report for a Public Service Vehicle
Form R-370 Requirements for Public Passenger Endorsements
Form R-380 STV/School Bus/Public Service Vehicle Brake Inspection Report
Form R-94 Application for Driving School License
Form R379 Affidavit of Possession
Form SR-101 Disposition of Vehicle
Form SR-37 Insurance Compliance Consent Agreement
Form UCR-1 Unified Carrier Registration 2009
Form UCR-1 Unified Carrier Registration 2010
Form UCR-1 Unified Carrier Registration 2011
Form Y-10 Student Transportation Vehicle Report
Form Y-14 Minimum Physical Standards for Operators of Commercial Motor Vehicle or Passenger Transportation or Student Transportation Vehicles and Serv
Fraternal Agent License/Appointment Application (Fraternal Society Use Only)
Fraternal Agent License/Appointment Cancellation Notice (Fraternal Society Use Only)
Fraternal Societies
Health Insurers
Infertility Treatment & Procedures Disclosure Form
License Cancellation/Termination Form
Life Settlement Broker Biographical Affidavit
Life Settlement Provider Application
Life Settlement Provider Renewal Application
Life, Accident and Health Insurers
Medical Discount Plan License Application
Medical Discount Plan License Renewal
Preferred Provider Network License Application
Preferred Provider Network License Renewal
Premium Finance Company Application
Premium Finance Company Renewal Application
Professional Employer Organization Annual Certification
Property and Casualty Insurers
R-229 Application for Non-Commercial Class D Driver License
R-7 Application for Public Passenger Endorsement
Rental Car Company Appointment Application
Rental Car Company Permit Application
Request for Authorization of coverage of Routine Patient Care Costs Associated with Cancer Clinical Trials
Request for Rescission, Cancellation or Limitation of a Health Insurance Policy
SEEC Form 12 Notice to Legislative Branch State Contractors and Prospective State Contractors
SEEC Form 20 Instructions Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement
SEEC Form 20 Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement
SEEC Form 21 Instructions Short Form Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement
SEEC Form 21 Short Form Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement
SEEC Form 22 Instructions Independent Expenditure Statement (INDIVIDUALS)
SEEC Form 23 Instructions Self-Funded Candidate’s Expenditure Statement
SEEC Form 26 Instructions Independent Expenditure Statement for an Entity
SEEC Form 30 Candidates for Statewide Office and General Assembly
SEEC Form B-2 Certification of Eligibility to Receive Lobbyist Contributions During Legislative Session
SEEC Form B-3 Certification of Committee Established By or On Behalf of a Registered Lobbyist
Surplus Lines Affidavit
Third Party Administrator (TPA) Bond SAMPLE FORM
Third Party Administrator (TPA) Registration (Business Entity ONLY)
Title Companies

Other Connecticut Legal Forms

o-it-Yourself Divorce Guide Supplement, JDP-FM-180
Americans with Disabilities Act Card, JDP-CL-85
Form JD-CV-123 Statement of Service (Delivery)
Form JD-FM-6 Financial Affidavit
Form JD-FM-3 Summons Family Actions
Wage – JD-CV-3
Form JD-CV-21 Motion for Continuance
Form JD-FM-172 Dissolution Agreement
Form JD-FM-159 Divorce Complaint / Cross Complaint
Form JD-CV-40 Small Claims Writ and Notice of Suit
Form JDF 1101 Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation
Do-it-Yourself Divorce Guide, JDP-FM-179
Form CT PC-900 Application for Change of Name (Minor)
Guidelines for Administration of Decedents’ Estates
Form JD-FM-177 Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Judgment
Form CT PC-901 Application for Change of Name (Adult)
Form CT-1096 Annual Summary and Transmittal of Information Returns
Comprehensive Evaluation, JDP-FM-213
Form CT-941 Quarterly Reconciliation of Withholding
Form CT-W3 Annual Reconciliation of Withholding