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Form NV Sole Proprietor Application




Use this form if you want to file for a sole proprietor business license in the state of Nevada by mail.  You can use the Application Packet to apply online.  Make sure to check if you have to complete a Nevada Business Registration form with the Nevada Department of Taxation and Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 1”

Do not use this form if you meet exemptions under NRS 76.020.  If the sole proprietorship is exempt, submit a State Business License Exemption form instead. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 2”

The sole proprietor needs to provide their name, signature, and date of signature in part 1 of this form.  If the spouse’s name will appear on the business license, he or she needs to provide the name, signature, and date of signature as well. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 3”

If another business entity will operate under the sole proprietorship, list its name in part 2.  The state allows four other businesses to operate with the sole proprietor. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 4”

List the physical street address of the sole proprietorship in part 3.  If the mailing address is different from the street address, list the mailing address in part 4. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 5”

The sole proprietor should list a phone number for the place of business, along with an email address to receive electronic notifications. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 6”

The sole proprietor needs to provide their taxpayer identification number in part 7.  Don’t provide a social security number. 


“NV Sole Proprietor Application Step 7”

The filing fee for this form is $200.00., and expedited service will cost more.  If you’re filing this form online, you should use the Application Packet for Nevada.  You’ll find the ePayment Checklist in the packet.  If you’re filing by mail, make a check payable to Secretary of State.  Send the completed form and filing fee to the following address:


Secretary of State

202 North Carson Street

Carson City, Nevada 89701-4201


If the form is incomplete or inaccurate, the state will return the form and keep the filing fee.

Download the PDF file .