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Form 08-473 Articles of Consolidation

Form 08-473 Articles of Consolidation



This form is used when several different companies combine and form a consolidated limited liability company.  The state of Alaska strongly encourages the help of legal counsel in a consolidation.  Follow these instructions closely. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 1”

In Article 1, provide the name of each consolidating company.  If they have an Alaska entity number, provide this number next to their name as well.  Provide the state of domicile as well, even if the state is Alaska.  If additional space is needed, attach a separate sheet. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 2”

Provide new name of the limited liability company in Article 2 of this form.  Perform a thorough search of companies in and out of the state to make sure the business name is not already used.  Also, regard specific rules for forming the name of a limited liability company. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 3”

Nothing is required in Article 3.  The section states that all consolidating companies have agreed to the consolidation and signed a contract for approval. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 4”

Provide the date when the consolidated limited liability company becomes effective.  If the companies want the consolidation to occur on the date of filing the Articles of Consolidation, leave this box blank. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 5”

Provide an address for a company in Alaska that still has the agreement of consolidation on file at an office still in operation in Article 5.  Provide the name of the company, the mailing address, street of address if different from the mailing address, the city, and zip code. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 6”

Article 6 requires a copy of the agreement of consolidation to be sent to all companies after filing this form. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 7”

Article 7 states that the consolidated company will appoint the Department of Commerce as its agent in an enforcement proceeding if the company is not granted to organize in Alaska at the listed address. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 8”

Article 8 requires the names and signatures of all managers of the limited liability company. 

“Articles of Consolidation 08-473 Step 9”

Provide a money order or check for $25.00 along with this form made payable to the State of Alaska.  Send the form to the following address:


State of Alaska

Corporations Section

PO Box 110808

Juneau, AK 99811

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