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Form 125 Emancipation Petition


Form 125 Emancipation Petition



In order to qualify for emancipation, a minor has to meet all requirements under 12 V.S.A §7151(b).  The minor must be a resident of Vermont for at least three months before filing. 

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 1”

The Clerk of Court will fill out the header of the petition.  In the next two lines, write your name and your parent’s names or your guardian’s name. 

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 2”

In the first paragraph, write your full legal name, your full date of birth, and the county or state where you were born.

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 3”

In the second paragraph, write your full current address.  If your mailing address is different, list both.  You’ll also have to list your main telephone number.

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 4”

In the third paragraph, list the full legal names, addresses and telephone numbers of your parents.  If their address is unknown, you must attach a separate sheet explaining all steps you’ve taken to locate them.

If your parents do not have legal custody, fill in paragraph five and list the name, address, and telephone number of your guardian.

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 5”

In the sixth paragraph, list all criteria under 12 V.S.A. §7151(b).  You’ll have to attach a separate sheet explaining the criteria, and you’ll have to attach another sheet explaining your ability to become self-sufficient.

Consider attaching a statement from your employer stating your level of maturity and your rate of pay.

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 6”

Paragraph seven is your own personal statement concerning why emancipation is in your best interests and the reasons why you’re seeking emancipation.  If you need more room, place the words “see attached” at the bottom of the paragraph and attach a separate form. 

“Emancipation Petition Form 125 Step 7”

Sign and date the bottom of the form in front of Notary Public, the Judge, or the Register.  They will complete the rest of the petition. 

In order to find the address and contact information for the Probate Court, visit the website or look in the telephone directory under “Vermont, State of, Courts.” 

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