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Form Petition for Name Change Adult

Form Petition for Name Change Adult



The Petition for the state of Utah is easy to fill out.  The Petition and all other required forms need submitted to the District Court in the county the adult currently resides.

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 1”

Before completing the Petition, you need to undergo an investigation by the Utah Sex Offender Registry.  Mail the Department of Corrections Certification Regard Sex Offender Registry along with a stamped and self-address envelope to the Department of Corrections.  You cannot change your name if you’re on the sex offender list. 

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 2”

Complete the Petition and attach the form you received back from the Department of Corrections.  Make copies of both of these documents and sign the Petition in front of Notary Public.  You’ll have to submit the Cover Sheet as well. 

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 3”

Pay the filing fees for the change of name process with your District Court Clerk.  If you’re currently married and you want to change your name, you need to complete and send the Notice for Hearing on Petition for Name Change.  The clerk will notify you of a hearing date and time.

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 4”

Before the hearing, complete the required sections of the Order Changing Name.  Enter the courtroom and wait for your case to be called.  Be prepared to answer any number of questions in front of the judge. 

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 5”

If the judge approves the name change, take the signed Order Changing Name to the clerk and ask for any number of certified copies.  You’ll need these copies if you want to change your name on your birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license, and more. 

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 6”

In some cases, the change of name may be denied.  You have the option to appeal the initial decision of the judge.  In order to appeal, re-submit a new Order Changing Name within 30 days of the first hearing.  If you want to appeal, you need to contact an attorney for further instructions. 

“Petition for Name Change Adult Step 7”

The state of Utah does not require you to personally change your birth certificate if you’ve changed your married name.  The Office of Vital Records will make the change automatically. 

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