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Form Name Change Adult Packet



This packet is used when an adult requests to change their own name.  This packet cannot be used for changing the name of a minor.  You are encouraged to hire an attorney while attempting to change your name and fill out the required forms. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 1”

Complete the Petition except for your signature.  Complete the Order so that it’s ready for the judge’s signature.  Sign the forms in front of Notary Public.  Each county will charge different rates for notary services. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 2”

An adult in Texas needs to have their fingerprints scanned while filing the Petition.  Fingerprints are usually scanned at local law enforcement barracks.  Attach the fingerprint card to the Verified Petition. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 3”

Before filing your documents, make copies of the Petition and fingerprint card.  Bring these copies with you to the Clerk’s office.  File the forms and pay the filing fees.  These fees will be around $200, but they will range from t county to county.  Have the clerk stamp your copies. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 4”

After filing your forms with the Clerk’s Office, ask for the date and time of your hearing.  Some counties will require you to pick up your file and take the forms with you to the hearing.  Ask the clerk for more instructions. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 5”

On the date of the hearing, wait for your cause number and then enter the courtroom.  You should prepare to answer questions in front of the judge as to why you want to change your name.  If you have a Verified Petition, testimony is not required. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 6”

The judge will sign the Order if he or she sees good cause to change the name.  Bring the signed Order to the Clerk’s Office and ask for your Change of Name Certificate.  There are fees for copies of the Certificate, and these fees range from county to county. 

“Name Change Adult Packet Step 7”

You need to change your name with any number of agencies within the state by presenting a certified copy of the Change of Name Certificate.  You may need to contact the Department of State Health Services for your birth certificate and the Texas Department of Public Safety for your driver’s license. 

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