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Form Petition for Name Change

Form Petition for Name Change



“Petition for Name Change Step 1”

Provide your county’s name and your current legal name in the caption of the Petition.  Do not fill in the case number.  Provide your current legal name in the first line of the document as well. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 2”

In part 1, provide the full name of the petitioner along with their complete address.  In the part 2, provide the name of your county as long as you’ve been a resident for at least 30 days. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 3”

In part 3, provide the petitioner’s date of birth and place of birth including city and state.  Provide the petitioner’s birth certificate number and place of registration in part 4. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 4”

Provide the petitioner’s current legal name and requested name in part 5.  Provide specific reasons in part 6.  Complete part 7 and sign the documents.  Sign the Verification in front of the Clerk. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 5”

The petition also needs to complete a Notice of Filing Petition and Order for Name Change.  In the Order, fill out the caption and leave all of the date blanks empty.  Fill out the county name in the first sentence, and leave the next date blank empty until you know when you filed your Petition.  Complete sentences 2 through four, along with your current legal name and requested name. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 6”

File the original forms and 2 copies of the Petition and Notice of Name Change.  Pay the filing fees, and ask the clerk for instructions on setting of a hearing date. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 7”

You need to publish notification of the hearing in a local newspaper.  Some counties provide the publication fees in the filing fees and others do not.  If the county did not include the publication costs, you need to ask the newspaper to publish the Notice in the legal section at least 10 days before the date of your hearing. 

“Petition for Name Change Step 8”

Attend the hearing.  If the judge approves the change of name, they will sign the Order.  Take the signed original and copies to the Clerk’s office and ask the clerk to certify the copies.  You’ll need certified copies to change important records. 

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