Name Change Form SFN 51261 Name Change

Form SFN 51261 Name Change

Form SFN 51261 Name Change



This form is used when a Notary has legally changed their name.  If a citizen wants to change their name in North Dakota after a divorce or annulment, the clerk will advise the person to consult with an attorney.  If the person wants to file pro se, the clerk will state that they need to file a written motion for change of name at their local clerk’s office, deliver a copy to the opposing party, and then present the case before a judge. 

For more information on changing names after a divorce, refer to Chapter 38-28 of the North Dakota Century Code.

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 1”

In the first box of the form, the Notary Public needs to disclose their name as it appears on Commission.  In the second box, the Notary Public has the option to provide their email address. 

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 2”

Accord to the Federal Privacy Act of 1974, the Notary Public has the option to disclose their social security number in the third box.  Disclosure of the Notary Public’s federal ID number is voluntary as well.  

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 3”

The Notary Public needs to provide their new legal name in the fourth box.  Provide first, middle, and last.  In the next box, provide the spouse’s name if applicable, but this option is also optional.  In the sixth box, provide the Commission Number.  Provide the expiration date in the next box. 

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 4”

In the eighth box and other boxes in the same row, the Notary Public needs to provide their home mailing address including street address, city, state, zip code, and home telephone number.  In the next row, provide the work mailing address. 

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 5”

In the next rows, check the appropriate box(es) and provide a date for the date of the name change.  The Notary Public then has to sign and date the bottom of the form. 

“Name Change SFN 51261 Step 6”

The form needs submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office along with a $10.00 fee.  When the form is received, a certificate is sent to the Notary Public along with a letter approving a new seal or stamp. 

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