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Form Name Change Instruction



This instructional form applies to both adult petitioners for themselves and petitioners for minors. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 1”

The instructional form states that a petition needs submitted in the County Court of Supreme Court in the county the petitioner resides.  If the petitioner lives in New York City, the petition can be submitted to any branch of the Civil Court. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 2”

The general requirements for all petitioners are listed below:

1.  If the petitioner was born in New York certified copy of the birth certificate needs attached to the petition.  If the petitioner was born outside of New York, a copy of the birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport or other legal documents can be attached as long as it shows the place and date of birth. 

2.  If the petitioner committed a crime, they must provide explanation of the offense and time served and a Certificate of Incarceration or Certificate of Disposition. 

3.  If the petitioner has declared bankruptcy in the past or is currently in a judgment for bankruptcy, details of the case need attached to the petition. 

4.  All petitioners need to explain why they want to change their name. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 3”

The state of New York requires all petitioners to publish a copy of the Order in a local newspaper.  The publication costs can become expensive, and these costs are the responsibility of the petitioner. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 4”

If a petitioner is married but only wants to change his or her name and not the spouse’s name, the need to notify the other spouse of the requested name change. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 5”

If the petitioner is requesting to change the name of their minor child, the other parent needs to consent to the change of name.  If the other parent does not consent, the process becomes exceedingly complex and usually requires the assistance of an attorney. 

“General Instructions to Change a Name Step 6”

If a petitioner is requesting the change of name for a minor and that minor is 14 years of age or older, the minor must consent to the name change.  The Consent form must be attached to the Petition.

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