Form Name Change Consent

Form Name Change Consent


Form Name Change Consent



This form is required in the following circumstances:

·  If a parent or legal guardian is petitioning for the minor’s name change and the minor is 14 years of age or older

·  If a parent or legal guardian is petitioning for the minor’s name change and needs the approval of the other parent

·  If a petitioner is married and wants to change only their name and not the other spouse’s name

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 1”

Do not fill out the index number in the caption of the form.  If you’re filing outside of New York City, you need to provide the name of the County.  On the next line, provide the current name of the person being named in the petition for a name change.  On the third line, provide the full requested name of the same individual. 

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 2”

On the fourth line, provide the name of the county where the Petition and Consent are being filed. 

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 3”

On the fifth line, provide the full current name of the person named in the Petition for the change of name.  Then, slash the option that does not hold true and provide an updated address on line 6 including street number, city, state, and zip code. 

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 4”

In the next set of options, the individual from whom consent is required needs to slash the two non-applicable options.  There are options for a minor child, the parent of a minor child, and the spouse of the petitioner. 

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 5”

On line 7, provide the date on the Petition.  Then provide the current legal name and the requested name change on lines 8 and 9.  This form must be signed in front of Notary Public. 

“Consent CIV-GP-82C Step 6”

After the Petition and any required Consent are completed, the petitioner should make copies of both of these forms.  You will have to bring the forms to the Clerk of Court and pay filings fees that range from county to county.  If a family is requesting a name change, only one filing fee will be charged. 

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