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Form Domestic LLC Packet

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This set of documents is required when forming a limited liability company in the state of Nevada.  You’re strongly encouraged to consult with an attorney before filling out and submitting these forms. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 1”

In Article I of the Articles of Organization, provide the name of the company.  Make sure the name has one of the following designations: Limited-Liability Company, Limited Company, Limited, Ltd., L.L.C., LLC or LC.  You’re advised to submit a name reservation form before filing this form. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 2”

Check box 1 in Article II if you’ve elected a commercial registered agent.  If you check the second or third box, provide the name and address of the registered agent. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 3”

If an estimated dissolution date exists, provide the date in Article III.  Do not provide a date if the business is perpetual. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 4”

Check the appropriate box in Article IV.  Then, list the names and addresses of each manager or managing member in Article V.  If you need additional space, attach an additional page. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 5”

If the limited liability company does not want the Articles to take effect after approval from the Secretary of State, provide an effective date and time in Article VI. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 7”

An organizer needs to provide their printed name, address, and signature at the bottom of this form.  If additional organizers exist, provide their signatures and address on an additional sheet.  Make sure the registered agent signs the bottom of this form and completes the Registered Agent Acceptance form as well. 


“Domestic LLC Packet Step 8”

The filing fee for this form is $75.00.  If you ask for expedited service, there is an additional fee between $125 and 1,000 depending on the type of service requested.  If you want a certified copy, add $30.00 to the filing fee and $2.00 per page if you’re ordering more than two file stamped or certified copies.  If you’re requesting expedited service, use the following address if you’re mailing the forms:


Secretary of State—Las Vegas

Commercial Recording Division

555 East Washington Ave, Suite 5200

Las Vegas, NV 89101


If you’re only requesting normal service by mail, use the following address:


Secretary of State

New Filings Division

204 North Carson Street, Suite 4

Carson City, NV 89701-4520

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