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Special Power of Attorney



People undergoing bankruptcy who wish to appoint someone to act on their behalf and represent them throughout meetings of creditors other than an attorney will need to complete a special power of attorney form, numbered 11B. This document is applicable in all 90 bankruptcy courts across the United States. Form 11B may be obtained from the website of the United States Courts system.


Special Power of Attorney 11B Step 1: Enter the number of the district where bankruptcy proceedings are unfolding and the name of the city, state or district at the top where indicated.


Special Power of Attorney 11B Step 2: Enter the case number which has been assigned to bankruptcy proceedings, as well as the chapter type of the bankruptcy you are applying for.


Special Power of Attorney 11B Step 3: Enter up to two names of people whom you wish to authorize to attend meetings of creditors and make decisions on their behalf. These representatives can also act on behalf of the trustees of the estate of a debtor. Include their addresses where indicated next to their names.


Special Power of Attorney 11B Step 4: This form must be completed in front of a notary, bankruptcy judge, clerks and deputy clerks of bankruptcy courts, United States trustees and American diplomatic or consular officers in foreign countries. Sign and date the document. Print your name next to the word "by".


Special Power of Attorney 11B Step 5: The authorized figure acting as a witness should indicate whether the person signing is an individual or a person acting on behalf of a partnership or corporation. They should then provide their authorized signature.

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