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Form PC51 Petition to Change Name



This form is used for both adults and minors.  The Petition needs filed in the County where the adult or minor currently resides. 

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 1”

Parts 1 through 6 are used for the change of name for an adult and a minor.  Part 7 is only required for the change of name for a minor. 

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 2”

The boxes at the bottom may or may not need checked after completing the rest of the form.  In part 10, check the box and sign if you are the spouse of the petitioner or noncustodial parent and consent to the name change of the minor. 

If the minor is 14 years of year or older, they need to check box 11 in order for the Petition to stand in a hearing.  If the child is under 14, they need to check box 12.  Also, if the minor is under 14, both parents need to agree to the Petition.  If both parents do not agree, the custodial parent must prove in a hearing that the non-custodial parent failed to regularly provide for the child.

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 3”

If the petitioner is 22 years of age or older, it’s important that they regard the instructions on page 3 of the Petition.  They will need to under a criminal background check. 

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 4”

After submitting the Petition and Publishing Notice and paying the filing fees, the Clerk will provide a date, time, and place for the hearing.  The petitioning parent needs to send Notice of the hearing using Form PC-562 to a noncustodial parent.  Use PC-563 for publishing the Notice of Hearing.  Publishing the Notice isn’t necessary if the court finds good cause under MCL 711.1. 

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 5”

All interested parties and the petitioner need to attend the hearing.  If the court approves the change of name, the court will prepare an Order.  The Order will cost $10.00.  Make sure to receive certified copies of the Order in order to make changes to your records. 

“Petition to Change Name PC51 Step 6”

If the petitioner wants to change a birth certificate, a copy of the Order needs sent to Vital Records Office of the Department of Community Health. 

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