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Form DR60 Petition for Change of Name



Apart from the Petition, you’ll also need to file the following forms with Circuit Court in the county to reside:

·  Domestic Case Information Report DCIR

·  Notice DR61

·  Certificate of Publication DR75

·  Order for Change of Name JO12

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 1”
Complete the heading of the form except for the case number.  The clerk will provide the case number.

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 2”

On the first line below the heading, provide your current name.  In part 1, provide your date of birth include month, date, and year as well as your birthplace and current address. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 3”

In part 2, state that name that appears on your birth certificate.  Attach a certified copy of the birth certificate to this form.  If your name has been changed since birth, check the appropriate box, provide the name, and provide a reason.  If you changed your name before, provide the proper forms.

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 4”

If you want to change your name, you have to check the first box in part 3.  You cannot change your name if you’re a registered sex offender. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 5”

In part 4, provide reasons why you’re requesting a name change.  In part 5, state what you want your new name to be.  State your current name in part 6 on the first line and your requested name on the second line.  Sign and date the form in front of the Clerk. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 6”

File the petition with the Circuit Clerk and pay the filing fees.  Ask the clerk about the publication requirements in your county.  Some counties leave the responsibility up to the petitioner, and other counties arrange for the publication of the Notice. 

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 7”

Pay the publication fees for the Notice in the newspaper.  If the Notice of publication is sent to you instead of the clerk, return the form to the Clerk and make a copy for yourself.

“Petition for Change of Name (Adult) DR60 Step 8”

If nobody contests the name change, the judge will review the forms and sign the Order of Name Change. 


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